My Review Of “Obama, 2016,” The Movie/Documentary. Obama Is A Rabid, Negative, Colonialist Oppresser


Yesterday, we went and saw “Obama, 2016” the movie. QV asked me to and I did.  Let me say, first-off that America is an unrepentant nation, undeserving of mercy.  Its ‘Jews and Christians’ have no remorse over our sin.  None at all.  Only a small remnant of believers are saddened over our national sin.  We have brought bombs and war to people all over this world in the name of ‘freedom, human rights and democracy’. Which is a now a LIE.  How can a non-free people bring this insanity & call it ‘freedom’??  We have attacked countries/states without being attacked which is totally contrary to our founders.  I can understand Afghanistan after 9/11 (somewhat) but Serbia during Clinton? NO.  Iraq? NO.  Libya? NO.  Egypt? NO.  We are not hated because of the “Zionists”, we are hated for being a murdering, psychopathic nation who enables Israel’s enemies,  defying the almighty God.

Obama is Gods judgement on America.  That much was evident to me in this doc/movie.  His plan is to totally disarm us without ONE nuke, not even ONE.  While this may make enemies happy, it does not sit well with me at all.  He has already begun the disarming process and he loves it.  True, I believe we deserve a good butt-kicking.  But to be nuked into oblivion is not Gods will for ANY nation. (“Liberal” cities, states- I couldn’t care less if they’re bombed, fire away, I won’t shed a tear.) 

Obama is anti-colonial.  But, not like our founders were anti-colonial against the Brits.  He is anti-colonial on behalf of the 3rd world.  (Bottom of the barrel anti-colonialism).  His demented world view includes ANY minority, anti-colonial rebel that would rise against it’s governments for bad causes, (like the Muslim bro’hood in Egypt, Libya, etc) and unlike the once righteous tea-party movement (which is now just a GOP hack group).  Obama is for renegades and rebels.  Making his security passage name (Renegade) fit him to a T.

Obama’s mother hated her country, America. His family are all Communists (enemies of freedom & personal liberty).  Obama’s ‘friend’, & mentor, Frank Marshall Davis was a card-carrying Communist.  Barry’s anti-colonialism is just smoke and mirrors because Obama has become what he hates; A RABID, negative, murdering Colonialist.  He has plundered the people of Egypt.  He has destroyed Libya and now working on Syria to enslave their people to the Muslim bro’hood.

This was an excellent documentary and factual.  Minus Dinesh D’Souza tackling the ‘birther’ issue.  It was a dead giveaway that D’Souza knows Obama was not born in America, (Hawaii) and does not have an American father.  He only mentioned that Obama’s birth ‘was announced’ in 2 Hawaiian newspapers. Big deal, anyone can announce a birth.. So, D’Souza knows Obama is not American by birth. 

Barack Obama is NOT a tool or a puppet and anyone seeing this movie will know this.  Obama is NOBODY’S.  He has his own agenda.  Basically, Obama does what he wants.  And if he is not allowed, he will just tell the media to attack and call everyone a racist or use race-hustling techniques.  He is like a child with bad play-toys to use at his discretion. 

Another serious fact: White people voted for Obama because of phoney white guilt.   They looked for nothing in his past record and disregarded his anti God, anti American past.  They voted for ‘change’ and change is what they got.  How do you like the change??  You voted to ‘prove’ you are not a racist.  How the hell does THAT work?  Voting for a person SOLELY based on color MAKES YOU A RACIST.  I can understand that people hated McCain/Palin.  Very weak ticket.  But, you placed an enemy in the White house out of complete ignorance.  Now you have the hope.  Not hopeful at all, is it???

Side note….

I am ready should Obama win again. We are deserving of fall.  But-this time, the GOP ticket is not ‘as’ weak.  The only thing that I can say on behalf of Mitt Romney is that he is American & not progressive. that’s about it..  And, we intend to fight him as well IF Romney is elected because he is a moderate, not at all right as the Progressive media would have you believe… America should have always had a righteous prez who is God fearing, unlike Obama.    

I would hope that IF Romney is elected, he would place Ron Paul in as S.O.S.. This would ensure survival. It would make other countries happy & at ease.  He would push to bring ALL troops home and I am 100% FOR that.    It would not, however, stop the fall of America which really began in 1962 with the removal of God & prayer in schools.

Lastly: America REPENT for this hope and change, it is EVIL.

14 thoughts on “My Review Of “Obama, 2016,” The Movie/Documentary. Obama Is A Rabid, Negative, Colonialist Oppresser

  1. MJ did you see where the sobama sand statue in Charlotte was damaged by torrential rains? Maybe elevating a Kenyan turd to demigod status was the running of God’s last red light.

  2. Don’t be surprised when the exact same thing happens to your guy.

    We dont ‘have a guy’ here, disphit.

  3. Whoever America elects, the nation is doomed. Cursed. With no point of return. America is under judgment. Whether you accept it or not. Whether you believe it or not.

    Mittens will be worse than Obama. He is Satan’s serpent. The wannabe politician who issue veiled threats to an absent third party to gain points, as Mitt did with “Mr. Putin”, then it is the sign of a nasty, cowardly, little and sinister man. A failure who has been running for top office since 2007.
    “Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone.”
    In other words, Russia is bad just because it is Russia.
    And American dungheads nod collectively. Mush brains.
    He took similar jabs at China.
    Craven Amerikaners threaten: we will get our American patriots and kick the Chinese out.
    When America is being sold at speed to the Chinese? That was Hitlery’s whisper in China’s ears during her visit. Oh, you didn’t know that?

    Exactly WHAT did Putin and Hu Jintao do to America? Did either country rain bombs on American cities? Had they murdered one hundred thousand civilians “to save lives”? Did they straf civilians with Napalm? Did they deploy Agent Orange against screaming groups of terrified children? Strafed civilian structures with military hardware as the FUKUS Axis (Romney’s “friends”) did in Libya? Bombed a water supply and destroyed electricity grids “to break their backs”? Supporting terrorists as his filthy, evil country, the USA is doing in Syria? Murdering, and then PLUNDERING as filthy, evil USA has done since end of WWII?

    If Amerikaners answer NO, then then why should God “Bless America” or the American people? Only a follower of Satan would condone such behaviour, call on God to “Bless” it or those who perpetrate such evil or criticise those who follow international law, those who uphold the principles of the UN Charter, those who respond to outrages with diplomacy using the UNSC as the proper forum for crisis management. Someone should tell the upstart, lying, cheating Mittens that both Mr. Putin and Mr. Hu Jintao upohold these noble principles.

    Americans better sit up and ask: why the British press already calls him “Mitt the Twit”, for America has none but Twits to be their leaders. Didn’t he insult three countries on a three-country tour as the Olympics got under way?

    Amerikaners better wake up. The one you want as the next potus is a devout Mormon. Mormonism is NOT christian. It is an evil sect masking as ‘christianity’ which was founded in upstate New York in 1830 by Joseph Smith, a convicted swindler and con man who played on the gullibility of ignorant farmers by getting them to hire him to find buried treasure on their land. The Mormons have their center in Salt Lake City, and they control Utah and much of Nevada – including part of Las Vegas gambling. They are influential in Idaho and Arizona. The Mormon presence in these states goes back to the late 1840s, when the Mormons tried to carve an independent, inland empire called Desert out of the intermountain west, taking territory of Mexico and the United States. This sect was at war with the United States for several decades in the nineteenth century. Research and read up.

    If Jeremy Wright’s church was Racist, bet your bottom $ Mitt’s church is, too.
    Do not be fooled by Mia Love, a black Mormon woman whose family came from Haiti and whom the dominant Mormon voting bloc will now elect to congress from Utah, intending to use her as a token black to camouflage their institutional racism.
    The Momon Evil has no support among the Hispanics nor the blacks. Hispanics have not forgotten how the FBI Mormons have been found guilty of ethnic discrimination in a federal court a few years ago. Over 300 Hispanic FBI employees from Los Angeles successfully sued their bosses for allowing the Mormon Mafia to discriminate against Hispanics in hiring.

    The Blacks know that a Mormon filth would mean SEGREGATION.
    Look at Salt Lake City. It remains the whitest city in the US, and the top Mormon leaders are all white men.

    Elect Mittens and you can expect a largely Mormon regime. A Mormon sheriff gave the opening prayer at the GOP convention the night Romney was nominated. Indicating that key posts in a Romney regime would be largely monopolized by Mormons. In taking control of the federal regime-government, Romney would have the support of a powerful Mormon Mafia of top officials across the US federal government.

    I use the word regime for America has no right to be called democracy, human rights deserving of the word administration when it exercises Satan’s rule on earth. Any objections?

  4. Elect Mittens and you can expect a largely Mormon regime.

    Thats what is is down to, QV. A Mormon or a Muslim.
    David will not endorse a candidate and forbids it here.


    They segregate themselves, already. And FORCE integration on stupid American whites and thats a fact.

  5. Hi Rube, yes, I saw it, HA HA HA.
    He is evil and HaShem shows the world that he is a disasterous monster by allowing things like that happen to him.
    He IS like a house built on sand. Unfortunately, that is what America has become.

  6. It’s not a point of disagreement, but it doesn’t REQUIRE any act on the part of Hashem to punish our nation for what our leaders have done and for what we have allowed and encouraged them to do. We are doing it to ourselves.

    Abundance and freedom >

    Complacence, effeminacy >

    Rise of an “intellectual class” schooled in marxism (Frankfurt School, New School for Social Research, Herbert Marcuse and other Freudo-Stalinists), whose agenda is cultural revolution, that infests media, hollywood, and academia, and whose agenda and ideas eventually infect public education >

    Secularization and questioning of all values and Truths (“It’s all subjective.” It’s all a narrative.” “There is no truth. Only power.”) >

    Weakening of religion and reasoning >

    Egoism (take yourself to be the sole source of moral judgment) >

    Narcissism >

    Live for today >

    Perversion, adultery, abortion, single parenting, transgender, body modification, cruelty >

    Increasing presence and influence of a class that supports increasingly despotic government (liberals), but increasing marginalization, demonization, and vulnerability of traditional Americans >

    Rise of political correctness, hate legislation, re-education programs at work >

    Liberals ignorance, gullibility to charismatic figures and their bombastic rhetoric and grand schemes >

    Granting latent tyrants with more power >

    Destructive economic policies to benefit the ruling class >

    Economic decline, acceptance of increasing state action to stall collapse >

    Group/class conflict over what’s left, economic collapse, increasing me-first orientation >

    Plague, violence >


  7. It’s not a point of disagreement, but it doesn’t REQUIRE any act on the part of Hashem to punish our nation for what our leaders have done and for what we have allowed and encouraged them to do. We are doing it to ourselves.

    I know Avrum and the question is WHY do so many conservatives and folk of the like believe that HaShem SHOULD bless America?
    At one time, yes, he did, but now?

    We don’t bless HaShem as a whole at all. We curse him as a whole.
    (I dont, you dont) but as a WHOLE.
    Which is why we are not to escape judgement.
    We are to receive the spanking, even death.

    All I can say (for myself) is PLEASE Mighty HaShem, please forgive ME for not working harder against satanic forces.

    Makes me cry.

  8. America is gone. For good. Kaput. WHEN THIS HAPPENS, ALL IS LOST..
    Land of the free, democracy, human rights BULLSHIT land.

    75 Year Old Grandmother Held Down At Gunpoint As Police Shoot & Kill Her Dog

    The Dog Duke died a slow death.

    “They shot him with a shotgun in such a manner that he ran around in pain and bled all over the house and suffered a slow, cruel death. There was no reason for this kind of treatment, they killed my dog for no reason. This was the sweetest and most gentle animal anyone could want, I would trust him with a baby.”

    Read the story. THIS IS THE TRUE AMERICA. A Continent of Apathetic, Craven Cretins, with 12 million Psychopaths walking free.

    And may you choke as you read.

  9. Ooooh, you left out obama’s “open season” to muslims to please come to the US, ME christians please die!

  10. See, wordpress goes bonkers when their darling fascist terrorist obama is mentioned. Fucking Obama cock/arselickers.

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