Coming Soon To America

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Coming soon to America! Now you know where Romney got the idea of a “value added tax” to further rip off Americans.
Hmm, I didn’t know Spain was in the Middle East .. oh, maybe the Muslims have already taken over the European news? Germany seems to have finally achieved a Fourth Reich, gaining full control (along with their banksters) of the entirety of Europe. Globalism .. don’t you just love it?
Max Keiser: Germany strangling other EU economies …

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  1. Mittens does not need any lessons from Germany to rip off Americans or nations. Mormonism has a legacy of swindling.


    The United States is NO match for the United States of Europe.

    The European Union was founded on a LIE: the great LIE that it was only ever to be a democratic, free-trade institution, dedicated to the unity of Europe without affecting the individual national sovereignty of its constituents.
    The EU was set up to rip nations that joined it off their sovereignity and their entire wealth. Case in point: GREECE.
    Greece entire gold was taken over by Germany. Greece was deliberately crushed and bankrupted. For Greece is Orthodox Christianity.

    Germany is the Financial Controller of Europe.

    The EU comprises of mainly Roman Catholic nations. Behind it is the guiding hand of the wealthiest in the world – the Vatican. The eurozone was the idea of certain influential German elites. It was designed to achieve the very end that is clearly emerging as its result right now—the subservience of the weak to the strong. It is certainly by no mere coincidence that Germany will end up with the whole EU at its beck and call as its powerhouse economy benefits from the European Monetary Union policy of fixing exchange rates to bolster the German economy at the expense of all others. The Euro was designed to crush the nations that joined. PIIGS collapsed.
    PIIGS = Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain.

    The three leading powers in Europe—Germany, France and Italy—have all endorsed one singular candidate: the governor of the Italian central bank, Jesuit-trained Vatican supporter and head of the global financial regulatory authority the Financial Stability Board, Mario Draghi. Mario means war, warring, or warlike .The surname also intrigues—Draghi, meaning Dragon.

    The EU strengthen Germany’s Global Power. And the EU Think Tank touts Grand Imperial Vision.
    “Twenty years after the Maastricht Treaty, which was designed not just to integrate Europe but to contain the might of a united Germany, Berlin—and Mrs. Merkel—had effectively united Europe under its control, with Britain all but shut out.”
    Britain, “the silly witless dove” lost to Germany which will lead and dominate the coming United States of Europe.

    The US will follow Britain onto the heap of trashed ‘civilisations’. Most fitting, I say.

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