I Can’t Take It Anymore. Muslims Are Thin-skinned Little Pu$$ies.

I just can’t hold my peace any longer.  You say something about the Muslims book, the Ko’ran and defame their bogus ‘prophet’  on YOUTUBE, (not even regular TV) and there is rage all over the east?  I thought the mid-east was poor.. How do they even have access to the net??  Anyone that refuses to bow to their bullshit must be killed..

Every single day I am told that I am: A “Zion-Nazi”, An “Israel-firster”, A “Jewish bitch”, A”Kike”, A “Zio-fascist”, “ZOG”, “Hooked Nose”, “Yenta”, “Christ-Killer”, “Sloped-head”, “Rat”, “Rodent” “Hasbarat”, “White-hater”, “Nigger lover” “Talmudic-Devil”, “Bankster”-by ‘Christians’…  BUTI live, I go on.  It rolls right off of me.  Even though none of it is accurate.

I am also told that I am a traitor, (because I refuse to renounce my Christianity- My father is a Christian, I love the Christian faith) by other Jews.  SO, I have to deal with the nastiest innuendos about Christianity as well: “Jew-killers”, “Nazis”, “white Supremacists”, “White Devils,” “Satan-Worshippers”, “Whores of Babylon”, “Apostate”…It just goes on and on.  I just let that go as well.  Let God sort it all out..

But, you talk about this pedo-‘prophet’, Mohammed and these bastards want to kill you, take your free speech, demand you don’t tell the truth about their craziness while they hack off your head and chop off your hands…And GOD FORBID one of your daughters goes with a non-Muslim, she will be a dead girl because of their freako ‘honor’ killings.

I just cant stand it anymore.  People tell me all the time that the “Jews” are in control of the MSM..And keep things quiet.. Well, not me.  There is NO way that I would ever be allowed on the Main Stream.. What “Jews”, by the way?  Rachel Maddow?  She is from a Christian family.  Chris Matthews?  He is from a bi-polar, psychotic family.  Lawrence O’Donnell?  Isn’t he a Mcc?  Hannity?  Isnt he Catholic?  O’Reilly?  Irish/Catholic?  Megan Kelly, Irish?  Fox and Friends, all Christian, ETC…  Doesn’t Saudi Prince Alwaleed own the largest share of stock in Fox?  Rupert Murdoch is a born-again Christian.  The Hearst family? Jews? Okkkkk…Oh…and the ZIONISTS own the media…If that is true, why is the media so anti Israel?

Look….Moslems…You act even weaker than the weakest left-wing Jewish idiot.  Hows that make you feel?  YES! You are weaker than a Woody Allen, stereo-type Jew.  WEAK little pussies that have a ‘g’od that is SO weak that he can’t take being called what he is:

A PEDOPHILE, MURDERER, SODOMITE, THIEF, TERRORIST, & FREAK.  Get a grip, you weaklings.  If your ‘g’od is so tough, how come he can’t take a little criticism?  Why?  Because Islam is FASCISM. Period.  AND….I Can’t Take It Anymore. Muslims Are Thin-skinned Little Pu$$ies.


And, I dont even like talking about you Muslims.. You get WAY TOO MUCH attention.  Nasty brats.

(By the way…dont even tell me not to say what I feel like saying.  I will say what I damned well please.)

63 thoughts on “I Can’t Take It Anymore. Muslims Are Thin-skinned Little Pu$$ies.

  1. Wow. so many titles people have given you! Let me add one more. A Wonderful Woman! Thanks for keeping us educated! You are much appreciated!! ; – )


  2. Goat F-ers protecting the reputation of their child raping pedophile prophet. Sanity has no place in Islam–crazy is the norm, no bath salts required! People, dogs , puppies and even cats, beware–you are on their hit list for rape, beheading and or crucifixion. Strange world we live in!

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  4. Can your Old Testament war faces. This is the 21st century and both you and the ignorant muslims who knee-jerk their backward responses have equal footing in the modern age. Take your ‘Chosen People’ meme (I dont talk like that, you are a jackass) and store it in the missing Ark of the Covenant.
    Yours is a dead-as-a-doornail religion not worthy of one American life.

    (You are the one not worthy, in fact, get the FUCK off MY land, I am Iroquois/Seneca by my father, and us Indians are going to MUR&ER everyone of you lousy hun bastards {Patton})

  5. Well fuck you too, sand-paper snatch. Just make sure you take that 1/2 assed jew cunt to the dry cleaners first.

  6. Self-hating DREK, FAGGOT , you two MUST ENJOY your insatiable MUSLIM ANUS RAPE.

    Youre not worth fucking. Youre good for being cut into slivers, and salt/lime water poured over you, then left hung to dry in the sun.

    Or the Vietnamese way: Stand on tip toes and any movement and sharpened bamboo point goes right thru your anus.
    You’ll get multiple orgasms before you scream in agony and take HOURS to die.

  7. I think you just need a battery of orgasms. That’s the problem. Or is the problem that yu are a swarthy lesbian who uses the word ‘fuck’ as an antonym? If you would just follow NBA rules and take a shower after 4 periods. Nah. I’ve seen your visage.

  8. Looks like you just cant fight, FAGGOT.
    Little pussy.
    NO wonder Amerikanistan is sick, look at you, you little WEAK boy.

  9. No woman would go with a little weak ass pussy AmeriKaner like this mary.

    He is an OBAMA voter to boot!

  10. And just look at you, you PATHETIC pussy boy…You have an anonymous IP.
    Like a little kitty cat.

  11. Fight? You mean with words? Well if you call your efforts at fighting with words ‘courageous’ it’s no wonder you are losing the battle. You really don’t have any thing in your arsenal, do you? Did you clean yourself up yet, because you are starting to turn me on. I love dumb cunts, Shelley.

  12. You are a COWARD who has to hide his IP.
    Snivelling little goat-turd

    Sheep, baahhhhhh baahhhhhh

    Adios dipshit.
    Go home and cry to mommy and da da.

  13. Shelley Rubinstein, the Maaaaaaad Jewess. She’s mad, alright. It’s a shame BiBi doesn’t have better Sionists to represent his rapidly dissipating ideology.

    Barak….kick his squeegy ass.

  14. Nex time you get all jiggy with yerself, think about inviting the oppos to your website from Geller’s trashbin. You have no defense against the likes of people like meself.

    You are as full of yourself as the rest of the Sionists. Fuck Islam and fuck Zion.

  15. You have no defense against the likes of people like meself.

    Basically, you are a nobody. Just bang click, bang on the keyboard.
    If you hate Geller, you are just an Islamo-loving, goat-fucker, & left winger- end of story.

    Zion is Gods cornerstone.
    In the Christian faith, Jesus is the cornerstone OF Zion.

    I am not “shelley”, I am Paulette AsheDina.
    And I hardly post about Pislam because I dont like to.
    IMO, they get too much publicity.

    Thats all.
    Nothing more to say to a pro-sheep-fucker.

  16. Last time, Joey Jihad:
    I am not Shelley.
    I am Paulette AsheDina.

    Shelley is with the JDL somewhere in CA or PA, I am in AZ.

    Anything else piss face?

  17. I don’t give a fuck what your name is. If I am a nobody who feeds you your worm-like words with alacrity, who the fuck are you? I’ll tell you who. You are a squamous cell in a tumor ridden right wing body-politic. Get it, dyke-monger?

  18. represent his rapidly dissipating ideology.

    I dont support the govt of Israel, brilliant one.
    I support Israeli patriots that FIGHT the government there.

    Zion lives forever. Whether YOU like it or not.

    Psalm 132:13

    For the Lord has chosen Zion; he has desired it for his dwelling place

    Psalm 87:2 ESV / 15 helpful votes

    The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwelling places of Jacob.

    YOUR fight and argument is against God, not Bibi, not Geller, not me. You kick against the goads of the almighty, and this is YOUR cross to bear.

  19. For being a ‘dyke monger’ I am married to David Ben Moshe formerly of the JTF ORG.

    IS that all?

  20. I don’t give a fuck what your name is.

    For someone that did not care what my name is, why did you bring up a name that is NOT mine??

  21. I don’t care what anybody says. You are awesome! People like you with ambition and desire are inspiring. People with loathe and hate are despicable.


  22. In Sydney’s Hyde Park, a message put into the hands of a toddler at a rally protesting that crude stupid ill-advised video which cost Ambassador Stevens and three other blameless Americans in Libya their lives.
    Message reads: BEHEAD those who insult the prophet.
    His mother stands, with her back to camera, watching.
    Calls for Immediate Deportation, I’d say.
    WWIII is coming ahead. Round up ALL , muslims (they are Evil) in Australia and throw them into the seas/oceans. Deportation costs money.

  23. I love me some Mad Jewess. But your trolls are retarded. Bunch of whiny bitches, all of them. They can all go join their illiterate insane genocidal mass murdering pedophile thieving rapist “prophet” mo and their blood thirsty retard moongod al in hell. Fucking inbred savages.

  24. The attacks on MJ are totally lame. I can envision these sewer rats pounding in anger at the keyboard with clammy little fingers, chinless goulish faces, fat bellys and skinny legs. They are like dog shit that gets stepped in once in a while–it washes off and soon to be forgotten.

  25. Geez Paulie! You’ve stirred the shit pot girl! I can’t help but love you!
    I have two words for them … let’s see … Rini will get upset with me if I say (write in this case) what I’m thinking, so I’ll just say what she would … “Get Lost!”
    heh heh.

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  27. Fortunately, MJ, you are not judged by the quality of your detractors.

    Imagine the mental cesspool from which all that tough-guy sewage talk comes from.

    “Now I’ll say something REALLY clever. Dyke monger! Ha! I bet THAT hurt, and hurt BAD.”

    About the level of 4th grade playground insults.

    “You’re a poopie head. You big poopie headed poopie head. You eat worms.”

    Some persons show up at a gun fight with a knife.

    These guys show up at a pissing contest without a dick.

  28. QV: I have to get–I sing ALL DAY LONG tomorrow. David may be here, but I doubt it.
    Have a great day 😀

  29. Bearcat, to me it is, because the Israeli Jews that are leftists should be exposed.
    I dont think that people should support them at all.

  30. Although I am not Jewish, I seem to make a lot of friends that are Jewish. I think some Jewish people assume that I am Jewish because my surname is a common Jewish name. However, I am Catholic; but I don’t judge people by their religion, unless they are Muslim. 4 years ago I could not tell you much about the differences in several religions, but now I can. Soon I think we will be at war. Islam vs. all of the Judeo-Christians.

  31. Bearcat:
    Many left wing Jews will side with the Islamos, thats just the way it is.
    I hardly have any Jewish friends, odd, huh?
    I am just ‘too far right’ in their opinion.
    I have maybe 3.

  32. BTW: Bearcat–It is NOT I who is spamming you and keeping you in comment mod.
    It is WORDPRESS NAZI FASCISTS. Just ask QV. He is an AUTHOR and they even spam HIM!

  33. WordPress spams you. Does not allow your comments through. I dont have comment moderation.

  34. All who get their comments spammed by WordPress Nazis must realise
    Wordpress is manned by slimy, malformed, supercilious creeps whose function is to BLOCK truth from the readers . Bash them, every time they block. They are sociopaths.. Look what they do to my comments. They work with their psychopaths to Murder US citizens and the world’s. Ceaselessly, insult them as I do. I am not American. I am from the far East. And I give a FUCK to wordpress satanlings. Motherfuckers, child rapists, muslim arse/cunt lickers, one and all.

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