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Contributed by QV:  U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice claimed that the attacks in Libya were spontaneous, not pre-planned. And that there were no Marines stationed in Benghazi.

Let’s examine this in a little detail. US embassies in Tunis and in the Sudan have already been evacuated, and the Sudan refused to allow Marine forces into what is supposedly U.S. sovereign territory to defend US diplomats. Even the US embassy in London was attacked. The security forces at your embassy in Cairo put there by the Muslim Brotherhood government the Obama Administration helped put in power in Egypt melted away at a precise time when the original Cairo attack occurred, and that government’s original response was that the invasion of the embassy was ‘regrettable’ rather than an apology. Swallow that.

None of the Egyptian security guards who disappeared have been arrested, nor have any of the Libyan security guards who were supposed to be guarding our consulate in Benghazi. They not only fled without making any effort to defend the US diplomats, but there’s significant evidence they may have even told the mob where they could find the safe house the Americans were stashed in. (How could this be except for ‘order’ from Obama/Hitlery – she’s secretary of state, remember?)

The Marine contingent guarding the US embassy in Cairo was disarmed per the State department no matter how the Obama Administration tried to spin this. Anyone hear any reports of warning shots being fired or any casualties among the rioters?????

And in Benghazi, in spite of what Rice said, there were a handful of Marines present. They were likewise disarmed, and two of them were dragged to their deaths from the safe house and torn apart by the mob. Again, there are no reports of any casualties among the rioters, as there would have been if the Marines were armed.

As for it not being preplanned, that beggars the imagination.  All of these ‘spontaneous’ attacks occurred pretty much on the same date,the anniversary of 9/11. In Egypt, eye witnesses verified that the Egyptian security guards all vanished at the exact same time, leaving the embassy open to attack. Not one of them stood his ground to protect the embassy, nor have any of them been disciplined for not doing so.

In Libya, not only did the perpetrators admit this was pre-planned, but the coordinated attacks were obviously planned in advance.

The idea that this was sparked by a poorly made YouTube video is an insult to our intelligence. Not that I blame Ambassador Rice for that.  Like White House spokeshole Jay Carney, she was ordered to open wide, take a bite of the crap sandwich and keep repeating ‘it’s the movie,the movie, the movie…’