Obama Has Anti-Islam Filmmaker Arrested. Nah, Obama Aint A Muslim…

This looks to me like the ‘progressives’ are losing ground and cannot give up their new fascist America to the neo-conservatives (Who I cant stand because they refuse to call out the sins of America when America is wrong) They dont want to lose all this power… Maker of controversial film jailed and the police took him away, no questions asked. YOU ARE NEXT.

  When a regime of hatred and division loses ground, they must have another plan in play… Looks like America is submitting to Islam:

US Political Prisoner: Police arrest Muhammad moviemaker

I have ALWAYS believed that Obama is a Muslim.  Its pretty easy for a person like me to believe this.  I have read the Koran.  When a Muslim changes and converts to Judaism or Christianity, he/she MUST change their Muslim name.  Obama NEVER changed his name.  

He is still Barack HUSSEIN Obama=MUSLIM

43 thoughts on “Obama Has Anti-Islam Filmmaker Arrested. Nah, Obama Aint A Muslim…

  1. Bullcrap. If he was a far left winger, they would not care.
    Why should porno bother you?
    You have no morals.

    you seem to like to take up for Muslims, yet get enraged with ‘gay’ bashing.
    While many Americans just gay bash a little we do not do this:


  2. I don’t mind porn. But whhy doesn’t a porno bother you, don’t you have morals?


    Lol, MJ. I never said I stick up for Muslims-no more then I do Christians when it is claimed Christians are are all barberians because of those who bomb abortion clinics.

    I was just watching the Crucable, and it’s a very good film. In it, some people are accused of witchcraft, and the thing is, they can’t prove the witchcraft DIDN’T happen. It’s similar here. You imagine these scenarios that can’t be disproven. But then again, you can’t prove them either. So go ahead and get evidance about this vast, all encompassing Muslim athiest faciast communist(sarcastic, again, just making sure your retarded pea nut sized brain got that all those are contradicrtions) concspiracy that infests the government, and then maybe I’ll believe you, because unlike the 1600s, people actually need proof of accusations before anything can be done about it.

  3. I’m sorry, I should be nicer, I get a little worked up sometimes. Apologies for being so rude. It’s a problem I have, sometimes.

  4. I really need to stop apologizing to silly people, but I sometimes am shocked about how vitrolic I can be and it’s really unessicary on my part.

  5. Everyone knows that mid eastern Muslims act insane. I dont write on Islam all that much. they, imo, get WAY TOO MUCH attention.

    The Eastern Muslims ust attacked the embassy and the HNIC blamed the film when it had nothing to do with this film but everything to do with Obama’s war loving ways.

    I dont give a shit if you are rude.

  6. Yeah but like, it still reflects poorly on me, and I can improve for myself if for no one else. And anyway, maybe we can have better debates if we aren’t really insulting to each other and stuff? I was on one site and despite repeated attempts to remain civil the people there were constantly…very uncivilized, I guess? Anyway, you seem like someone who can be talked to with less, ah, anger, I suppose? More polite conversation is always good, even if both sides are utterly convinced of the other’s wrongness.

    But yeah like mid eastern. I mean, I wouldn’t go as far as to say every man woman and child, but muslim extremeism is a problem. But there are many moderate muslims, and I don’t think bad apples should, ah, spoil the bunch? Just like there are crazy Christians(the Oslo shooter, for instance), there are bad muslims, and there were even buddist warlords. Ah, I think muslim extremism is especially prominent because of the ah, government being controlled by Islam? Unhappy reminder of what any country could be if religion goes to far, though, ah, religion itself is not a bad thing, and I think, ah, Christianity and Islam both can be very awesome religions at the best of times.

  7. Look, the whole govt is a SHAM. You know this, I know it.

    So, it reflects poorly that you are rude.. So?
    I dont even know you.

    If you are mad, go get mad at the govt.

  8. Ah, talk to you later.

    Anyway, I just ah, don’t think he was jailed soley because of the film because of ah, a lack of proof for that particular corse of action because ah, then anyone could claim it was a conspiricy to put them away for their political beliefs? He did commit a ah, crime, and he should be punished for it regardless of his political opinions.

  9. Come on already….they want to hang the WHOLE middle eastern mess on some dude. Please.. Its just ridiculous.
    Everyone makes fun of the Jews and Christians. I dont go insane.

    But the Muslims…fugged aboudid.
    They cant take anything.

    Now, they want to push for blasphemy laws.
    Thin skinned little pussies, just like a little kid that does not get his way.

  10. Ah, but the blasphamy law would also cover Christians and Jews. Personally, I don’t support that law either. I am just against it as you are.

    Still, though, I ah, don’t see any proof that he was taken in for his beliefs and not his actual ah, crimes?

  11. Why didnt they arrest him BEFORE?

    This government is WACKO and you know it. Please..

    NO, I dont want all these laws.
    Handle things the good ol fashion way when people act retarded:


    Just stop setting shit on fire and making WACKO demands!!

    I have to get, dude. I sing, you know. That is what I do for my employment 🙂
    Talk later.
    Done be like a neo-con, btw, they NEVER see ANYTHING wrong at all.

  12. Enjoy your singing.

    But yeah, he was on parole, so he was already arrested and charged for that crime. He then broke his probation. The fact that he was taken in for fraud long before the movie ever happened should be proof enough.

    And isn’t it kind of hypocritical to say laws should be done away with and people should hit each other to solve their problems and then decry the riots? That is basically what the rioters are doing

  13. you know, depictions of the muslims’ God and/or Prophet is extremely offensive to them, and the act sparked violence from people of the islam faith worldwide. if a filmmaker from a muslim country made a film about the christian God depicting Him in a negative light, and the leader of said country arrested HIM, would you not congratulate said leader? Or would you start accusing him of being a christian?

  14. also, are you honestly suggesting force when people act “retarded”? I’m surprised you haven’t had your jaw dislocated yet.

  15. or are you too busy breaking the backs of anyone or anything wearing a niqab, yarmulke, turban and generally anything that suggests they are of a different religion from you?

  16. “if a filmmaker from a muslim country made a film about the christian God depicting Him in a negative light, and the leader of said country arrested HIM, would you not congratulate said leader?”

    No and no civilized person would. Free speech is a natural right and should be universal.

  17. Free speech is a natural right and should be universal.

    NO, that is what set us apart.
    But, not anymore.
    We are a Communist, DO NOT TALK ANYMORE nation of pussies.

  18. I got my ass broke a few times, so?

    Start acting like a person instead of a pussy.


  19. “Yeah, whats wrong with a sock in the nose?”

    Ah, but see, that is what the Muslim rioters are doing, using violance.

  20. Oh gimme a break.. the Muslims are burning and murdering.
    People can survive a little sock in the nose.

    Here, you will LOVE this CHER Parody.
    Makes me LOL

    I gotta go to my Moms house.
    Obamas makes her want to have a nervous breakdown every 5 minutes.
    Talk later


  21. The “Piss Christ” is on display in NYC and you dont see Christians killing ambassadors or burning cars.

  22. Mm. But, there ARE bad Christians(ie abortion clinic bombers, the Oslo shooter, exetera). And there are good Muslims, and there are good Christians. Just look all over America and you will see examples of all four. I personally know someone who was raised Muslim(doesn’t consider herself any religion now) and is a great friend. There are Muslim charities, Muslim communities in America that just want to live their lives and help one another like Christians do. Honestly, I’d like to see a movie where a Muslim family and Christian family move right next to each other and learn to get over their distrust and prejudice to become good neigbors. I mean, in essance, isn’t that what Jesus wants us to do? When I defend Islam, as I am now, I do not mean to attack Christianity, nor do I mean to show prefererance to Muslims. I assure you, if someone had an eqivalent opinion about Christians, I would work to correct them as well.

  23. When I post on Islam, LOL, it is usually about the mid east.
    I do, however have an issue when people, Muslim, Jews, Christians, anyone–who want to change laws to make criticism a ‘bad thing.’

    Jews are infamous for wanting to hide things. Especially far left/radical Jews.
    And some that are fake ‘religious’ Jews.
    Christians have a problem being holier than thou but not really practicing.

    I happen to like Jehovah Witness people the best because they are good neighbors and all around loving people.
    People call them a cult all the time. Well, with the exception of blood transfusions, I see no ‘cult.’

    Folks are welcome to differ with that.

    People are going to be prejudiced and there is nothing you or myself can do about it. You can practice your own tolerance, however, if someone hits me in the face, I will punch them in the nose.
    As you can see, I guess I am more of a Jew.

    I will take up for an underdog if they truly ARE an underdog…Muslims are not an underdog, they are demanding and here in America, they are becoming more and more demanding. I think it is sick for minorities to become demanding. Why not be appreciative??

    Whereas Christians are being psychologically persecuted:

  24. Well, I don’t really think Christians are beng persacuted all that much? There really isn’t much of a point to prayer before meetings or whatever, and I personally know a student who recited a prayer about Jesus in class. By and large the country is still ran by white, rich, Christians.

    But anyway, it’s kind of off topic, that being that I don’t believe and haven’t seen evidance pointing towards the fact that the man was arrested for his beliefs and not breaking parole.

  25. By and large the country is still ran by white, rich, Christians.

    This is the rich, white Amerikaners you are talking about?



  26. Ahha, but that is not the context I was refering to? More in, ah, population and who has sway and influence, ahha.

  27. You put the same exact ones as we put up.

    It is called ABUSE OF POWER.

    That is why people hated Bush.

  28. Ah, I believe this is the wrong thread, but regardless, this is still ah, going over the topic of why the man was arrested, and lack of proof that it was for anything more then the actual crimes he ah, commited.

  29. But, what about these ‘rich white Christians?’ that run the nation?
    These people do not look white or Christian. (They dont act Christian)

  30. Ahha, bit of a derail, don’t you believe? We could continue talking about this, if you woudl desire, but would that mean you are conceding my point about there being no evidance this man was arrested for the reasons you ah, claim?

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