Are we headed for a Weimar Republic economy?

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A little history about the Weimar Republic, the destruction of their currency via counterfeiting (QE anyone?) leading to hyperinflation (Dm 50,000,000 for a postage stamp?), and a reported 30% unemployment, but likely much higher (governments lie, you know).

This was all set up so that Der Führer Adolf could come waltzing in to their rescue.

His depraved dictatorial skills and actions are still admired by Führer Obama, and with the Fed’s QE-Infinity, it looks like we will be experiencing a repeat of history.



Sources: Slain US Ambassador Recruited Jihadists & Worked Against Assad To Help Al Qaeda

Keep singing God bless America as we cause terror all around the planet.  I kept telling people this is what happened.  ‘Conservatives’ don’t want to hear that this SHAM of a country is NOT the America it is supposed to be. “Conservatives” also want to just say Muslim “Jihad!”  Well, the LEFT IS the damned Jihad and nobody will call this atrocity out on the MSM, not even FAUX news…  The ambassador played with fire.

The ambassador got BURNED.

SEE: SOURCES: SLAIN U.S. AMBASSADOR RECRUITED JIHADISTS. Egyptian officials say Stevens worked with Saudis against Assad

Communism Unearthed Obama Audio; “Economics To Push Collectivism”

Hear this.  If this was circa 1955, he would have been brought up on anti-American charges.

Madonna On Stage, To A Crowd Of Cheering Fans: “We Have A Black Muslim In The White House”

Telling them they have to ‘f**king vote for Obama’. And then she goes on to cheer the fact, as stated by her, that we have a black Muslim in the White house.

@ 4:07 minutes.

More On Farm Wars

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Shame, shame, shame on the greedy politicians at all levels who are allowing these anti-human practices to continue and/or promoting them. This is part of the UN Agenda 21 “depopulation agenda.” How will you all feel when your loved ones start growing grotesque tumors and cancers and die because of possible increased profits?
Monsanto and farmers know these toxic products will kill people, yet they have been able to buy out county and local officials and bribe the farmers with perks. Very sad and pathetic.


Meanwhile, As The Mid East Riots, The UN Has Another “Hate Israel” Day

This happens all the time in Israel:
OR THIS, (from ‘peaceful’ fuck-estinians)


It’s coming to America.

I warned, begged, pleaded..

Now, I ask GOD to perform his mighty works.