TRANSCRIPT: Military Officer W/ Inside Info Puts Blame On Obama For Denying Benghazi Rescue, ‘Stand Down’ Orders

I said Obama is a murderer, I was not kidding

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 MUST SEE, WITH TRANSCRIPT: Military Officer With Inside Info Puts Blame On Obama For Denying Benghazi Rescue, ‘Stand Down’ Orders

RUSH: Now to the phones since it’s Open Line Friday. Doug in San Antonio. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks. I wanted to speak to the question of when the president knew and why Secretary Panetta refused to support the CIA annex request either to move to the consulate or to reinforce. Within a few minutes of the consulate being under attack — I’m a retired lieutenant colonel special operations planner for 15 years — the personal security detail for the ambassador notified the communications room in Tripoli who then, on the top secret side, sent a message to the White House Situation Room that the ambassador was in peril, okay? And they did that by code word and it would have been within minutes of the attack commencing.

PROOF ‘Rebels’ In Syria Are OBAMA’S Muslim Bro’hood & Al Qaeda: Syrian Rebels Arm Palestinians Against Assad

PROOF ‘Rebels’ In Syria Are OBAMA’S Muslim Bro’hood & Al Qaeda: Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad.  

We may just be looking at another of Obama’s clusterf’cks in Syria with the potential of more dead Americans because of these idiots and countless dead Christians in Syria, plus civilians.  You can thank your dear Muslim-lovin Obama, our Jihadist ‘prez’ from Kenya for this M.E. mess.

CLICK: Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad  

I have been telling people everywhere:  Here, online, in life – that Assad is NOT the ‘bad guy’ in this.   But, Americans are so brainwashed with war and love for war..   No doubt, Assad rules with an iron fist- but that is not the point, he has to .   This is none of our business.   Russia and China are the rulers, now–they said butt-out.  These Muslim/Marxists (the Obama Admin) refuse.  Demanding ‘human rights and left wing democracy’ be brought to the Syrians….

 And just look at the bitch, Hitlery and Obama:  US government wants Syrian opposition shakeup to defeat Assad.  

BOTH of those links PROVE that we have a terrorist government.  If you don’t believe so, you need your head examined.


Hillary the evil says:

“This cannot be an opposition represented by people who have many good attributes but have in many instances not been inside Syria for 20, 30 or 40 years,” Clinton said. “There has to be a representation of those who are on the front lines fighting and dying today to obtain their freedom. And there needs to be an opposition leadership structure that is dedicated to representing and protecting all Syrians.”

MY note:  People say “Obama is a Zionist”…Well, you are IDIOTS. He is NOT a “Zionist” at all.  He is PRO-MUSLIM/NAZI. PERIOD!!!!  A true Zionist would be someone who just wants the Israeli people (patriots of Israel) to just have peace and be sovereign, not under dictatorial forces (Which comprises of the Israeli govt at present)  be able to worship Elohim.  That is all a true spiritual Zionist is.

White House Insider: “We’re Gonna Shove This Storm Up Romney’s Ass”..Americans Murdered In Benghazi Is Not “Optimal”

White House Insider: “We’re Gonna Shove This Storm Up Romney’s Ass”…Americans Murdered In Benghazi Is Not “Optimal

Talk about political talking points.  They are using this whole storm scenario to take the focus off of these serial killers occupying the White House. These murderers that call themselves ‘Democrats.’  They cover this whole mess and murder, then use a storm to make dumb Americans forget about it.  Makes me sick.  The murders of these seals was ‘not optimal’, but the storm is.. Go figure..

I pray hard to Elohim that he will judge these wicked, ungodly murdering psychopaths and rid us of these monsters.  The whole WORLD needs to be liberated from Obama and Co.

According to a longtime D.C. political operative, the Obama campaign is thrilled at the timing of Hurricane Sandy and its resulting impact upon the election now just one week away. 

EXCERPT: And you want to know just how sick the Obama people are on the storm issue?  It’s party hats and cake over in Chicago.  High f-cking fives for them.  Heard LaBolt is telling them all “We’re gonna shove this storm right up Romney’s ass.”  They already got scripts out to their media support.  Gonna hammer the governor on earlier statements he made about the role of the federal government.

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama Campaign Declares: “Gonna Shove This Storm Up Romney’s Ass”

And that’s not all…  this insider at the White house says to Americans: (and he is right)  

And if the voters aren’t paying attention and they get fooled again.  Well f-ck them too.  Obama and them deserve each other.  Stupid mother-f-ckers all of them.

Am I pissed?

Yeah, I’m pissed.  You should be too.  The whole f-cking country should be pissed at these pukes running America into the f-cking dirt.

Admiral James Lyons – We Need Full Disclosure On Benghazi NOW. Looks like he is the only one that is serious about this COVER UP.

This is the “October Surprise”.. God—->Damn Obama.

Libyan Witnesses Recount Organized Benghazi Attack: No YouTube/Movie Film Involved

Read here.

There was no sign of a spontaneous protest against an American-made movie denigrating Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.



Bloody Obama

What Say Ann Coulter? NJ Gov, Chris Christie Campaigning For The Muslim Dictator ‘Prez’, Obama

What say Ann Coulter about this?  Hellooooo, Ann….!!??  Disgusting. I guess fat goes well with ugly.  This Governor is a friggin idiot.  He also thinks Shariah Law is A O K.  No wonder he loves Obama.

Ann Coulter practically worships the ground Bob’s Big boy walks on…..Puke, Vomit…Pathetic.

I'm  With  Stupid.

Video: Obama Supporters Humiliate And Abuse Little Girls

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Pictures: Hurricane Sandy Was A Wake Up Call To America; REPENT

I have never seen such a natural devastating force in NYC in my lifetime as this hurricane.  America must REPENT.  Of course, we will always have people that say “We didnt deserve this!!! You are hateful, MJ”  No, you are hateful.  50 million aborted babies, ‘gay’ marriage. Militant ‘gays’ that are 1000 x worse than Sodom & Gomorrah…

 YOU hate God, not me.  NYC is the capital of filthy and abominable practices that are unholy and disgusting-things so evil that God has surely turned his face on that wicked, evil city of sin run amok.

2 Chronicles 7:14:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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“Prez Obama Lying Over Benghazi” Says General Ham (Who Obama Is Replacing With Another General?!)

It is true that many people would use this Benghazi issue as a political talking point.  However, I cannot be accused of this.  I have been covering (Obama’s clusterf’ck) in Libya for well over a year.  Why? Because I happen to care about my country, #1. And, #2. I thought that Obama destroying Libya and helping murder Gaddafi was already high treason (He did not go to congress for war and put boots on the ground-NOBODY has even mentioned that- I did)  

Here are my posts on: Libya « The Mad Jewess

I also gave an accurate opinion of what I believe really happened in Libya a few weeks ago. 

This is now what General Ham is saying about our Jihadist President:

Carter Ham is taking no responsibility for the decision not to bail out the consulate and the Navy SEALS, which President Obama said, “The minute I found out what was going on, I gave three very clear directives — Number 1, make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to.” According to the 4 star General, Carter Ham, the President is lying.

link to

See also QV’s comment here:


And here re. General Ham’s Dismissal:

Was General Ham “fired” for attempting Benghazi rescue …

HuffPost Commenters: “Fox News Using Benghazi Massacre For Political Gain” & “Woods Father Seeking 15 Mins Of Fame”


Look at these comments. Just disgusting. Not a thought for these dead people or their familes, just poor, saintly Obama…. Cover everything up..!!!  Don’t hurt their poor Komrade Obama…  Never mind the dead men.  Never mind that Obama is a FAIL and probably murdered these men, himself..Never mind that the sweet ‘liberals’ threw their friend, Chris Stevens, a ‘gay’ man under the bus protecting Obama and covering this up FOR him.  They do not want Obama shown in a bad light because he is the Messiah, dont’cha know….


Fox News is trying to make this a political stunt. This man lost his son and they are trying to make political gains. You people are so hateful of the president and ignorant at the same time. Why would a president single out any person working in another country and purposely deny them proper security. If you paid attention you would know that security had been cut because the budget was cut by the REPUBLICANS. Ryan acknowledged that dems voted against the cut but got some money. Did you listen during the debates?



It is painfully clear by the abscence of any rational thoughts on this thread that this story and line or forced narrative only hits the audience that already sips the Faux Kool Aid. What a waste of memory onb your server Huffpo. 

Fox News…big surprise. I do not believe the President is personally responsible for this young man’s tragic death. Yet, the conservative media wants to pin it on him for political gain. Never mind all of the other situations in which the President has been stellar on national defense. How quickly the voters in this country forget the whole picture for the latest Fox News conspiracy. 

Look at this idiot:



I am sorry about the death of Mr. Woods’ Navy Seal son in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Bengahzi. This father is seeking his 15 minutes of fame while the loved ones of the other 3 who were killed are treating the memories of their loved ones with greater respect, both for the victims as well as for the country. The Woods incident is degraded by politics
woods is just a political tool for you haters, shame on you.Why do you hate America ?`

Total morons….

Look at the latest from political commentator:

Beyond impeachment: Obama treasonous over Benghazi

About these idiots saying this:


Filled with Dumbass.