Obama Says He “Needs More Time.” There Are 31 Reasons To Not Give Him “More Time”

Something to think about.  Of course, some of these are up for speculation, but most are not released.

01. Barack Obama / Stanley Ann Dunham marriage license — Not released
02. Lolo Soetoro / Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama marriage license — Not released
03. Record of adoption by Lolo Soetoro — Not released
04. Baptismal certificate — Not released
05. Indonesian Passport, renewed for travel to Pakistan, a restricted nation for U.S. citizens in 1981 — Not released
06. Student records at Mentung No. 1 public school in Jakarta, Indonesia Not released
07. Hawaii elementary school records Not released.
08. Punahou High School records – Not released
09. How his education at Punahou, a very expensive private school (Current tuition is $17,300/year.), was paid for.
10. Selective Service Registration – Released but proven to be Counterfeit
11. SAT score Not released
12. Occidental College records – Not released
13. Columbia College records – Not released
14. Columbia thesis – Not released
15. Harvard College records – Not released
16. Harvard Law Review articles – None (maybe 1, but not signed)
17. How he paid for his Occidental, Columbia and Harvard education Not released
18. LSAT score not released
19. University of Chicago scholarly articles None found
20. Law practice client list – Not released
21. Financial records while a community organizer in Chicago Not released
22. Annenburg Project records – Not released
23. Illinois State Senate records – None (Locked up to prohibit public view)
24. Illinois State Senate schedule – ‘Lost’ (ALL other Illinois state senators’ records are intact)
25. Medical records – Not released
26. Passport – Not released
27. Why his social security number allegedly starts with 042, a number issued in Connecticut sometime during 1976-1977.
28. Why his mother, Ann Dunham, is reported to have nearly a dozen aliases, at least two different Social Security numbers, and upwards of over 99 separate addresses.
29. Father’s name and address, and if dead, his death certificate. Not released
30. Mother’s death certificate showing who survivors are. Not released
31. Mother probate estate records showing who heirs are. Not released

In addition to being simply “Not released” most of these records are SEALED.

2 thoughts on “Obama Says He “Needs More Time.” There Are 31 Reasons To Not Give Him “More Time”

  1. Yeah, it is absolutely ridiculous, annoying, dumbfounding, and angering how citizens are letting themselves be duped into slobbering all over this guy by the biased, bought-and-paid-for “news” media and celebrities whose own lives are jacked up and can’t stay out of rehab.

  2. yeah, there is no way that the number one public servant should have this amount of secrecy surrounding a long list of information about his origins, career, and life that is typically public record or easy to find on any one of us ordinary people with a decent background check service for a fee. This is a scary time to live in America where 40% of grown people are functionally illiterate and we’ve elected a president we don’t even know but who has said and demonstrated enough to evidence his Marxist tendencies.

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