Hillary Clinton: “I Take Responsibility For Security Ahead Of Benghazi Attack.” Too Late Evil Woman

So, the bitch, Hitlery Rotten Clinton takes responsibility for the ‘security’ on the attack in Benghazi…Cowering to the Muslim, defacto Dictator, B. Hussein Obama.  Isn’t this chummy…?? Right before tomorrow nights debate.. What a coincidence… 

Time Mag, the left-wing rag says:  Republicans Aren’t Attacking Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi  This is why I am proud to not be a Republican.  I can attack these beasts day in and day out.  Go Independent everyone. Its more fun 😉

CNN Reports this absurdity: Clinton: ‘I take responsibility’ for security ahead of Benghazi attack

The buck stops with the CIC. Thats the bottom line.

How about assuming responsibility for the murder of Libya’s leader?  You had no right to do what you did to their leader (assisting in his killing).

We didnt really even have a problem with him since the days of Reagan..  You arrogant, pompous, female supremacist…

15 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: “I Take Responsibility For Security Ahead Of Benghazi Attack.” Too Late Evil Woman

  1. She did not take responsibility. Saying publicly she took responsibility does not mean she does. She was saving her own stinking backside. As Secretary of State, it was her Duty and Responsibility for the safety and well being of US diplomats and personnel stationed in foreign countries, more so in the inferno Middle East that she and Obama created by ousting SECULAR , legitimate leaders. She was busy arselicking and cocksucking Obama and in cahoots with him all the way to Murder. Both she and the Muslim Psychopath and his regime are MASS MURDERERS. The sooner Amerikaners realise this, the better . She was one of several officials that obfuscated, deliberately, the cause of the violence. Not only were requests for greater security denied, but that the consulate was told to stop asking.
    The Evil woman has no conscience, nor empathy. She can’t. She’s a psychopath. (She had Vince Foster cold bloodedly Murdered when Bill was potus). Others that did likewise were Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Hussein Obama .

    While the Muslim Psychopath that American IDIOTS elected embarks on a retaliatory attack on Libya to DISTRACT dumb Americans whose attention span is mere seconds from its epic failure and cover-up, personally, I wait and watch Bill Clinton like a hawk. What plans has this man, whose links with the Chinese Red Army is solid in store for the Nigger? Bill is way above in intelligence, ruthlessness, and cunning than Mongrel Obama is. Hitlery ROTTEN is a lobbyist, NOT a diplomat. Get that clear. And I dare say that Clinton’s mafia and his Chinese Red Army buddies far more deadly than Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood. And, Clinton is very close to the Bushes. The Nigger Muslim is not. The Bushes owe Clinton. Clinton + Bush = deadly.

    But, imo, the American people deserve the horrors coming their way, soon.

  2. Hi MJ. good David has a good laugh at my writing. Must be all those “oooh wouldn’t it be loverly ” words I use.

  3. “the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.”

    She also did this to protect her Muslim lunatic idiot in the White house

  4. David loves what you write.

    I am not writing today at all. I am tired and need rest.
    Will talk tomorrow after the Muslim and the Mormon debate.
    Hi to MH 😀

  5. Hitlery takes “responsibility” for now. Meanwhile, the Muslim Nigger Psychopath Mass Murderer American IDIOTS elected to supervise their enslavement and impending death IS the one responsible for the MURDER of expendable, disposable Amb. Stevens. All American Ambassadors serving the Muslim’s ME, please take note.

    Jerome Corsi reported today that his website WND has obtained a 270-page Arab-language report from a Libyan now in exile, which documents the networks which killed Ambassador Stevens, and shows that they are in fact the allies in the Obama destruction of Libya and the killing of Qaddafi. WND interviewed the author, Muftah Faraj, a member of the Warfalla tribe of Bani Walid in Libya.
    The report blames Obama for destroying the stable, secular regime of Qaddafi and unleashing the radical jihadists. When WND offered the report to the CIA, they responded that they had already obtained a copy.


    Ain’t you proud, American IDIOTS?

  6. Take off from the madness that has enveloped the ‘land of the free, democracy, human rights’ BULLSHIT. You need it to be sane for the next hour. Sheeeesh! What a Gulag Amerikaners have turned their country into. Enjoy Ding Dongs.

  7. You would think AmeriKans would be embarrassed over your statements, QV. NOT!!! They are an unrepentant lot and get angry first.

    Just like that proverb you said. “Those who God will destroy, he first make ANGRY”

  8. [You would think AmeriKans would be embarrassed over your statements, QV. NOT!!! They are an unrepentant lot and get angry first.]
    I give a Fuck! I’m not living in America amongst Psychopaths , Lemmings, and Fools! When they come to herd Amerikaner morons, first Q these imbeciles will ask is: Will we have American Idol and Dancing With The Stars shows? With bowls of popcorn available? And deep fried ice-cream ? And could we ask: May I have some more?
    Majority Americaners are nothing but little match stick figures, to be manipulated with worthless MSM propaganda, stupid Hollywood movies, and poisoned devitaminized, demineralized, and genetically altered food. Brains twisted into pretzel by Leftist/Liberal brain programming.
    Now, come battle with me all who take umbrage at my comments.

  9. Seriously, MJ. Hitlery says she takes ‘responsibility’ on Sept 11 in Benghazi. Very vague sentence construct. Then says she’s not responsible at all: ‘The decisions about security aspects are made by security professionals.’” At best, her responsibility line is a nifty feint, since she immediately turns the spotlight on the security professionals. The foreign company that relied on Libyan locals. Security for US Amb. And personnel were OUTSOURCED!

    What happened AFTER Sept 11 is the problem. She did not resign. Falling on a prop sword while wearing an impenetrable s suit of armor is hardly a selfless act.
    But she did achieve giving Mittens sufficient ammunition to whack the Muslim Nigger in Tuesday’s debate.
    Her taking blame – note — white senior woman taking it in the chin for younger BLACK hoodlum , to us out here, that should be the Nigger’s responsibility, has the look of loyalty to the regime but the Side Effect of making the Nigger look weak, incompetent and a Coward who needs to be rescued by a female subordinate. If this has merit, it is pretty slick. She comes off as the grown up who said, look I’m in charge here and for good or ill that makes me responsible”. She has made an astute political move. Bill is in the background. Don’t forget.

    And Mittens should capitalize on it in the debate. America’s National Idiot Joe Biden has given Mitts Romney alot more to play with Mitts still has the chance to force Psychopath Zero 0bama’s hand and cause a rebellion in the DemonRat echelons over Hiltlery. Thanks to Loony Clown Biden , Mittens has a lot of topic’s he can throw at 0bama tonight and make them stick! If Romney gets under 0bama’s skin and makes him really squirm it will be all over for 0bama, you would see the DemonRats fleeing faster than the sinking of the Titanic.

  10. If Romney gets under 0bama’s skin and makes him really squirm it will be all over for 0bama, you would see the DemonRats fleeing faster than the sinking of the Titanic.

    It was sort of a tie.
    The Mormon is more a moral man, Obama, of course, satanic.

    BUT, Mitt threw some good zingers, much more serious than the commie Muslim psychopath.

    Mostly, this debate was FOR Obama, he had that FAT shit, Candy Commie on his side.
    She cant get a man, she is a fat, red cabbage looking bitch..

    I am outta here.
    There is NO fixing this bs in my personal opinion

  11. They are scared to death of you, QV.
    Remember, it was not that long ago that some other people that were here ganged up on you and thought I would side with them.


  12. But the Big FatAss WHITE Bitch showed the Blacks of America that their leader is a wimp, a spineless jerk, and a Raving Coward. One up for her, I say. With kudos to Bill Clinton, of course. Blacks brains are located in the sphincter, usually. the Rare Ones must have some other blood in their DNA. Take a look at their faces. They don’t have that pig snout, coconut scraper mouth. Nor the beady eyes. Too bad White Trash blood in the Muslim did him no good. White Trash never does, anyway.

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