1st Of Obamas “Heroic” WAG THE DOG Drones To Hail Barack As ‘Hero’ Hits “Al Qaeda” In Yemen

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See the removed post: 1st Of Obamas “Heroic” WAG THE DOG Drones To Hail Barack As ‘Hero’ Hits “Al Qaeda” In Yemen.

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1st Of Obamas “Heroic” WAG THE DOG Drones To Hail Barack As ‘Hero’ Hits “Al Qaeda” In Yemen

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READ THE NEWS HERE: BREAKING: Drone Attack Reportedly Kills Al Qaeda Leader In Yemen

Here is the headline from today’s report via The New York Times:   Qaeda Branch Leader Said to Be Among Dead in Yemen Drone Strike

See these posts, below, and DO NOT FORGET what this administration is doing.

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4 thoughts on “1st Of Obamas “Heroic” WAG THE DOG Drones To Hail Barack As ‘Hero’ Hits “Al Qaeda” In Yemen

  1. Al-Qaeda is in AMERIKA. Ask Hitlery. There’s a video of her admission.

    Yemen has a long border with Saudi Arabia. Eighteen miles. That’s the width of the Bab el-Mandab passageway, the narrow stretch of ocean separating Djibouti from Yemen that connects the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea. In strategic terms, this passage might be called leverage, influence, or power.

    Drones are fired into Yemen because Saudi Arabia wants Yemen destroyed, completely. America’s Muslim potus that did a Penile Bow to his desert ‘king’ (a title bestowed on a cut-throat brigand by British decrepit degenerates) is at the full bidding of his Wahabbist master. He studied in their madrassa in Indonesia. His stepfather was a devout Wahabbist. 0bama attended the mosque where Wahabbist sermons call for the death of infidels. Indonesia is the Largest Muslim Nation in the World.
    The Yemani-flag is the leading flag, and Yemeni revolutionaries play a crucial role in defeating the US plot in the whole ME. And for Mass Murdering/Plundering US, that is a No-No. Every nation must bend on its knees to Satan Uncle Sam.

    IRAN gives support to the revolutionaries termed terrorists by Satan America that has a TERRORIST in the WH. Tehran is especially invested in northern Yemen, with a Shiite organization called al-Houthi. The Houthis’ goal is to not only destabilize Yemen’s government, but also undermine Saudi Arabia’s Sunni government. IRAN IS SAUDI ARABIA’S ARCHENEMY. And that is No No to Saudi Arselicking Satan America. IRAN has stepped forward as the Houthis’ primary ideological, financial and military ally.
    Iran’s Fars News Agency, citing a spokesman for Yemen’s Revolutionary Forces, reported that “the Yemeni people are deeply interested to establish stronger and very intimate relations with Iran.” According to Fars, the spokesman “reiterated that once the Yemeni people take back power from the Saudi-U.S. pivot, Tehran and Sanaa would certainly develop their ties”

    And so, America’s TERRORIST and its equally Saudi arselicking populace are happy to see Yemenis die. So long as amerikaners can continue arselicking Saudi Arabia. 3000 of their people were Murdered by their Arse in Triumph. You’d never know with all that Saudi arselicking. Now you know the reason why Satan Amerika keeps bombing Yemen.

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