We’re Adding Another Blogger: The Mad Jewess’s Mom!

My Mom has stories she would love to share.  You will get a kick out of her wit!  So, look for her in the coming days.

Here is a picture of my Mom at a Portuguese fair in 1951, she was one of the Portuguese princesses.  My Nana gifted my Mom with the heart jewelry. Pretty, huh?  One of the hearts is still around the house, somewhere.

(The Portugee’s have the fest, every year, even to this day in Portuguese Catholic and Crypto/Jew communities. They celebrate the ‘old country’)

10 thoughts on “We’re Adding Another Blogger: The Mad Jewess’s Mom!

  1. Howdy MJ’s mom! Can’t wait to read what is on your mind! God bless you with your new endeavers. 🙂

  2. Oh, NO! Two of ’em!!!

    One to sneak up behind libs and yank their hats down tight over their ears and eyes.

    And another one to kick the lib in the nuts.

    “Take THAT! And here’s a bonus nut shot!”

    Double teaming. I like it.

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