DENVER, CO: 3 Black Bastards Murder 4 Whites & An Asian Woman In A Bar

The whole story is here.  An excerpt is below.

suspects in Fero bar shooting - Dexter Lewis, Lynell Hill and Joseph Hill.

Hat Tip: Reverand Kane

DENVER – Denver Police have arrested three men in the deaths of five people at Fero’s Bar and Grill in Denver on Wednesday morning. Investigators said the motive for the homicides was robbery and the subsequent fire was set to cover up the killings.

This is what a dumb, white liberal said, who is totally oblivious to the out of control black on white crimes taking place across America:


Really, Five hard working people are killed and the biggest issue is the race of the people who killed them?  
The killers need to take personal responsibility for what they did and for choices they made. You need to take personal responsibility for stirring the pot. When you blame their race you are really giving them excuses. The killers are dispicable people, that is all. I group them with James Holmes and Timothy McVey. I think we should feel free to dislike people who do bad things. There are bad people in every race. If each of us took personal responsibility no matter what our color. There would be less hate and resentment across the board.
-Notice how she uses the McVeigh card..? If this was a white on black crime, just what would have happened?  We can always count on a liberal to not want to mention race. Only if it is white do we mention race in America.  Whites are hiding under the bed as QV always states.

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  1. Keep up the Reporting. People need TO KNOW OF ALL THE UNREPORTED CRIMES OF BLACK ON WHITE. We are told of the disproportionate numbers of Blacks in prison than white people.. SIMPLE.. THEY COMMIT MORE CRIMES…This is exactly why we MUST PRESERVE the 2nd Amendment…

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