BORING ‘Debate’: Obama Won’t STFUP, Romney Won’t Clobber Him & They Are BOTH Wrong About EVERYTHING

Romney agrees with Obama’s foreign policy clusterfucks and failures. Thats #1. #2. “Apartheid in South Africa?”  Is Romney just a brainwashed jackass?  There has been OVER 50K murders of white people since the ‘apartheid’ was abolished. White people have it TERRIBLE in S.A. They were better off apart from black savages..Mittens Romney is clueless.  Then, its Israel.  Obama won’t sit with Netanyahu and Romney could have slapped the shit out of Obama and didn’t.   Both are full of crap about Syria. “Assad is murdering his peopleLIE.  Assad is trying to keep his people ALIVE and surviving the Obama regime of Al Qaeda drones and attacks from rebel, militant, Jihadists.

Move on to Mubarak; “Mubarak was a baaaaadddd dictator,’ said Romney. Well, sorry. Islam is insane, and Islamo idiots need a dictator. NADA on Benghazi, just Obama bla bla bla and Romney sitting there bla bla bla right back.  Yada, Yada, Yada, Islam is misunderstood…..I’m done. Finished.

Overall: NOBODY wins, nobody loses in this boring debate of ‘mularky.’ 


7 thoughts on “BORING ‘Debate’: Obama Won’t STFUP, Romney Won’t Clobber Him & They Are BOTH Wrong About EVERYTHING

  1. They are both Right and Timely for America. Yahweh’s gift to Amerikaners for throwing Him out. Enjoy days of pain, daily, Amerikanes. You earned it.

  2. Near Future—Generals gathered in their masses–just like witches at black masses–in the fields the bodies burning–as the war machine keeps turning–now in darkness world stops turning–ashes where the bodies burning—–Obama laughing spreads his wings.

  3. Pauli–A drug addled mind like ozzie wrote some pretty good lyrics for his time. I can’t help being “Paranoid” by the muslim imposter in the WH.

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