Glenn Beck: America Becoming Terrifying Force For Evil.

Most Americans will not hear it.  They will NOT hear that this nation is a terror, now.  And if they keep refusing TO recognize this land as terroristic, then we are just damned finished. Shit, we are so finished now that I totally agree with Beck;


God–> dammit, WHEN will you people wake up!? STOP singing “God Bless America” and start singing; America, BLESS God.

Watch what Beck says (here on this link) at 5 minutes


5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: America Becoming Terrifying Force For Evil.

  1. I had to put one of my German Shepherds down today–a most painful thing but it was only a dog–but a friend. The pain that the father of the Navy SEAL murdered in Benghazi is unfathomable. Human life extinguished by the murderous Obama regime is High Crimes and will not go unpunished. Beck is a messenger like Paul Revere. Gramps–you are the one disturbed and pathetic.

  2. Amerika slid into hell’s hole when it threw God out. Amerika is controlled by Satan, openly, with 0bama as potus.

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