Finally. Obama Comes Clean With The Truth About Everything With Real Transparency

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23 thoughts on “Finally. Obama Comes Clean With The Truth About Everything With Real Transparency

  1. It would be good if the Clinton regime would come clean about the Murder of Serbs.

    America’s Shrivelled Ashkenaz “jew” Cunt, the Hideous, Ugly, Wicked, Satanic, the Bitch from Hell Clinton era Secretary of State Madelyn Albright when confronted for her war crimes in eastern Europe, spat out the phrase, “Disgusting Serbs” at a book signing in Prague.
    According to the YouTube account, activists with “Friends of Serbs in Kosovo” led by film director Vaclav Dvorak, presented her with Dvorak’s documentary “Stolen Kosovo” and posters suggesting that Albright’s push for bombings of Serbs in Kosovo was inhumane.
    “This is your work as well, madam” they charged, asking her to sign their posters, which she brushed away.
    As Clinton’s top diplomat, Albright headed the U.S. participation in the Yugoslav wars in Bosnia and Kosovo and is credited for pushing NATO into the humanitarian crisis. Time Magazine called it “Madeleine’s War.”

    America, readers dear, as I repeatedly stress is a Continent of Muslim Arselickers No. 1.
    Ever heard any of their Corrupt, Satanic leaders say: Disgusting Muslims? Ah huh!

    Now, I would like Amerikaners who have said: QV I don’t like what you write about America to come and debate on this. Anyone?

  2. Because………

    Catherine Herridge on Greta van Susteren 10/31/12 Discussing classified diplomatic cable (dated 8/16/12, almost a month before Benghazi attack) obtained by Fox News.
    “I really believe, having read it, that it is the smoking gun warning here… I can’t think of anything that would be more specific than if these groups had emailed the state department and said, ‘here’s the time, here’s the place, and here’s the method of the attack’… If you couple this with the statements that a videotape was somehow responsible, what you see is that is completely undercut… What I see is a growing body of evidence that the state department has culpability for the death of the Ambassador and those other three Americans.

  3. Ooooooh, what’s this? Not surprising. A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. The 0bama regime picks an Islamist Sympathiser to investigate Benghazi. Got that? Former US Ambassador Thomas Pickering (British origins) is the choice to head the ‘investigation’ what happened in Benghazi. Pickering was and is a Loyal Clintonista. Tell you something?
    So, who is this Pickering? He has deep connections with CAIR, is also co-chairmanof the boardof George Soros’ International Crisis Group which has ties to other islamic bodies as well, including the National IRANIAN American Council (NIAC) a lobbying group for Iran. Valerie Jarret ring a bell, dumb Amerikaners?

    Pickering has advocated engagement with the MB in Egypt, opening relations with Hamas, both darlings of Hitlery & 0bama and Mullen and Clapper, peace talks with the Taliban, and with Iran with no preconditions. Aiding him will be Jim Zogby, who’s well known for his apologetics for Islamic Terrorism, particularly by Hamas and the Palis. Hard Core Islamists Imam Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan, the principals behind the Ground Zero Mosque that can only be described dangerous.

    All the mentioned above are of the opinion that Islamophobia is a serious mental disease that needs to be criminalised.

    It tells us out here how thoroughly the MB, Hamas and their appeasers have penetrated the Obama regime. The gates to an Islamic Republic America are Wide Open.

  4. Look at this, QV-what do u think?

    Special Ops caller to Rush Limbaugh program re. Benghazi. They’re going to bury this story until after the election .. so keep it going! Another point .. it is being reported that there is no Embassy in Benghazi and never has been. Stevens was meeting his Turkish contact at a CIA safe house …

  5. MJ, I pointed that fact when news of Stevens & 3 others murder was reported. It was a safe house with only one door! And the door could be easily opened or bashed in. As I opined from the start, Stevens was set up to be murdered. Appropriate attention to security by any one of the three—the U.S. DoS, the Libyan security services or the Turkish Consul General—might have sufficed to prevent or at least mitigate the circumstances of that fatal attack. The urgency that compelled Stevens to Benghazi that night seems especially difficult to understand given what was known to him as well as to senior levels of the 0bama regime about the extremely dangerous situation in post-Ghaddafi Libya.

    Watch Bill Clinton make his move as he puts together a legal team to save Hitlery’s arse.

    Whatever happens, this is the expected fate for majority Americans. Deservedly so. Enjoy.

  6. Why Mitt Romney? He is not even in office. We cant really judge what a person will do until they get there.

  7. Why Mitt Romney? He is not even in office. We cant really judge what a person will do until they get there.

    Oh MJ. So America wanted a Nigger to prove it is not Racist. what did you all get?

    A candidate is Scrutinised minutely, assessed , then one puts in the vote. Mittens is a White 0bama and will be worse.
    Where 0bama is considered Muslim as he himself has confessed so, endorsed by Bovine Moochelle, Mittens is passing himself as ‘christian’ which he is not, and where already misled American ‘christians’ will be further misled.


    Why did not Mittens ask 0bama why he is working to overturn the federal court’s ruling that US citizens cannot be subject to indefinite detention in violation of the US Constitution? Could it be because Mittens and his neoconservative advisers agree with 0bama ? Indefinite detention, agreeing with the president that U.S. citizens deemed “enemy combatants” are not entitled to habeas corpus. He has clearly stated so. So, why is one Tyrant better than another?

    2. Mittens has already stated that Russia and China are Arch Enemies No. 1 to be obliterated. He will carry out the same wars as did 0bama. How many more Americans to be slaughtered, needlessly? And who will be funding the wars?

    3. How many Americans know about the Mormon faith? Mittens will fill his regime with Mormons. High-level Mormons take a traitorous bloody oath of vengeance, of revenge, against the United States of America. Christians who think they are voting for “the lesser of two evils” might have a nasty surprise awaiting them.

    4. Mittens is pro homosexual as I commented in one of my earlier comments. How does that help America escape judgment from God? Worse, the Mormons teach Jesus was born from physical relations between “elohim god” and Mary, is brother to Satan, and has a pantheistic view of God in that there are multiple gods.

    5. Mittens has been put under the microscope out here. He is assessed as Arrogant, Belligerent, Chauvinistic, the ABC of FAILURE.
    What has Mr. Putin/Russia done that the Mormon said: “Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone.”
    And he chastises China on its currency. When China is the reason why the US still functions as a nation!!

    America has Zeros for presidents. IDIOTS!

  8. MJ, I could never be angry with you. Out here we are preparing for WWIII which America will unleash to preserve its hegemony. That makes us prepare for any eventuality.

  9. Mittens is far more dangerous than 0bama is or ever will be. For ALL Americans. His church has a chosen leadership dedicated not to GOD but to criminal activities. Some are personally involved in very dubious and surrealistic sexual activities, others use other members as slave labours, and others have no scruples in how making money.
    The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) is a very dangerous organization controlled by fifth level “intelligence” operatives, in which “mental reprogramming techniques” are used as well as a wide variety of physical and psychological abuses.
    “In 1944, Joseph and Hyrum Smith were murdered while in Carthage Jail in Carthage, Illinois. Outrage among Mormons over the murder of their prophet led Brigham Young to add a new law to the Temple Endowment Ceremony in 1845. That law is called the Law of Vengeance.”

    “The Law of Vengeance required the Temple patron to take an oath. That oath was to pray for vengeance of the death of Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith upon the United States of America. This oath has contributed to the murders committed by Mormons at the Mountain Meadows massacre. Look it up and read. As you read the “Oath of Vengeance”, please remember that the heart of hatred burning within the hearts of Mormons today is just as hot as the desire for vengeance which caused the slaughter at Mountain Meadow. All leading Mormon officials still are bound by this bloody oath.
    And in the name of ‘christianity’ Mittens will have Momonism establish as a theocracy in America.
    The late Mormon Joseph Smith himself, has always had worldwide and absolute political power as its goal.
    Mormon historian Klaus J. Hansen has written,
    “The idea of a political kingdom of God, promulgated by a secret Council of Fifty, is by far the most important key to an understanding of the Mormon past.”
    To know more about Mormonism, research their White Horse Prophecy. Research articles by ex-Mormons. Pastor Joel Osteen well documented articles on Mormonism.The Mormon Christ is the NOT the Christ of the Bible. Just like the muslim Jesus is NOT the Jesus of the Bible. Those who are interested in the condition of their soul and seek salvation should, in these dire and stressful times, do research and pray to God for guidance.
    Take note that the early Mormons didn’t seek alignment with Christian groups but rejected them all as apostate. Calling a Mormon a “Christian” during Joseph Smith’s time might have resulted in a street fight instead of a Bible study. Don’t take my word. Do your own research. If you are a Christian, your salvation depends on your research. The Devil is every ready to take as many to his abode in his fiery abyss.

  10. QV:
    Mittens is far more dangerous than 0bama is or ever will be.

    Take cheer, QV..
    I have read on the HAARP website that an earthquake is on its way to Calif. As well as a Nor-Easter to the East Coast and God is not finished.
    IF Mitt Romney even gets in, he will have NO time to trounce around the globe, too busy going around the country, praying.

  11. This is the most race polarised electorate ever. How Americans had allowed themselves (a chop suey of people and cultures) to disintegrate into the current situation affirms that multi culti is total bullshit.
    Nah MJ. Mittens will not just have what you commented to attend to should he gain the WH. He’ll have a civil riot in his hands in the early hours as 0bama’s niggers and Hispanics start war with the Whites. Who are reported to be heavily armed. Mittens has been threatened with death. And if war should break out, heavily armed Whites should target ALL leftists and liberals, starting with Bill Maher who is all out for the Murder of Whites.
    The Moscow Times reported that Mittens son has handed his father’s letter to President Putin in which Russia’s help was sought in the coming Civil War. Russia has always found DemonRats liars and Putin , like his predecessors, has disdain for the Liars that DemonRats have demonstrated they are.

  12. He will have disasters from God and riots. I agree.

    Sure, Putin was KGB, he knows what the left is.
    NOBODY respects treachery-anywhere at anytime.

    This is why I hardly talk about Islam, QV. The LEFT wing makes Islam look like a patsy.

  13. Think about it, QV. Russia and China will probably (in the not too distant future), attack America-why? Well, you know, and I know, but most do not know–America has butt’d in over and over when told to get lost and also because China will want payback for billions in loans.

    So, looking to the future, Romney is correct when he assesses that Russia is geo-political foe—-he KNOWS that these things are coming.

    I, myself do not consider Russia OR China a foe.

    I consider that America will get what it has asked for.
    I try to be a realist, now, as much as possible.

  14. Majority Amerikaners live in la la land of delusion and cowardice! If one reads the comments of Amerikaners in certain blogs one can only mock and spit at the populace of IDIOTS! Most still harbour the illusion they are Exceptional, their military power Invincible, their country the best. When the truth is Psychopaths, Lunatics, Idiots run amok in the USA. Crumbling infrastructure. Totally Unprepared spoiled brats in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The list goes on. Amerikaners do not want to learn, never want to learn, will never learn.

    The truth and the fact MJ, is, out here, we expect US politicians to heap on the praise, Corrupt Congress to continue insuring funding at levels that stagger the imagination, presidents to continue applying blunt force to complex geopolitical problems (even in different ways) arms dealers to continue churning out wonder weapons that prove less than wondrous, and the Pentagon continuing to fail to win.

    We are reminded daily of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So this time round, it will be America that will be the next Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The East, including Russia have nukes pointed at the USA. Gang up and Obliterate the most Evil Nation on earth.

    Even then, I doubt Amerikaners will learn. They’ll blame everyone except their stupid, utterly useless self. For helping destroy their once God-blessed, God-enriched country. While worshipping Saudi Arse, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and LBGT. And that’s the Ugly Truth!!

  15. Good, may they go to Bolshevik NYC.

    I am off to bed–very tired today.

    Nighty nite, QV

  16. I just saw that news, QV.

    BTW: I have had about 17 ugly comments QV, and I am really tired. I didnt sleep last night, so its on comment mod.
    I dont want Commie shit stenching up the blog or Jew haters.

    So, if when you post it says ‘moderation.’ It is not fascistic wordpress.

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