Why Should Mitt Romney, An American Man Give A Concession Speech To A Muslim From Kenya Who Is Ineligible?

As of this time Mitt Romney has yet to offer Barack Hussein Obama a concession call or speech.   Now tell me why should he?  Mitt Romney, an American, should not give any concession until Romney sees all of the Obama birth/passport records and microfilm birth records as Sheriff Joe demanded.   On top of that, a natural born citizen is one who has 2 American citizen parents.  Barack Sr. was never an American citizen.  If Obama was a citizen of Indonesia, as a dual citizen, he is again not allowed to hold the office of president.  Romney should do absolutely nothing except stand with the generals who have endorsed him.


5 thoughts on “Why Should Mitt Romney, An American Man Give A Concession Speech To A Muslim From Kenya Who Is Ineligible?

  1. I agree with you. Romney is a coward. What’s more he is a vacillating coward whose commitment to ideals is shaky at best, on a really good day. Romney offered no viable alternative to Obama so it almost doesn’t matter who won. I would have welcomed the disappearance of Obama’s face from Customs Terminals and Post-Offices, Courthouses, and above all, television screens, but Romney never convinced me that he was genuine. I don’t think he convinced the nation of anything, and that’s part of why he lost. Obama is a Communist and aspires to be the Dictator of the Proletarian, but everybody knows where he stands (just to the left of Lenin and to the right of absolutely nobody. I voted for Gary Johnson who is not a coward, just a catastrophically unelectable supporter of the Constitution and human liberty. I hope, I pray, from the bottom of my heart, that Four More Years of Obama will radicalize the Conservative European-origin population of America to retake their country and reinstate the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land. I am writing this from across the street from UCLA, where a well-organized African chorus is singing Swahili revolutionary songs in celebration of Obama’s victory—NOT Southern Afro-American hymns about freedom or overcoming injustice—but Swahili revolutionary songs that you might here, you know, back in Obama’s real “Fatherland” of Kenya? The world has turned so completely upside down it makes me dizzy…. charleslincoln3.com

  2. I am sorry. I feel sad. I am so sorry. I truly did all I could to stop this fascism from taking place. I am so sorry.

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