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I want to share a story of what happened to me when I was about 26 years old.  First: I am a very strong woman. I have been in many arm-wrestling fights and challenges. I can beat most any female, arm-wrestling.  Granted, I have not met every single female in the once great USA.  But if I did, I could probably beat them or give them a damn good fight.  Being a waitress in a restaurant that had the kitchen downstairs (2 flights) and the dining room upstairs will make ya strong.  At 15 years old, I was clocked throwing a fastball (baseball) 84 mph.  To this day I am in the mid 70’s. I can throw a softball, close to 150 feet. Pretty damn good for a gal.  I am a pretty intimidating gal, no bones about it.  Hell, I have even kicked the ass of a few men in my life-time (NO, I am not the bitch you’re thinking, I NEVER ‘took any man’ for all that he had), just kicked a few guys asses 😉 ….

Things changed for me in one day.  I was invited to take a 13 mile hike in the foothills of Central California.

I got dressed in shorts, a baseball hat, my water and lunch.  6 guys & 6 gals were on the hike. Off we went.  I had no idea we would be hiking 13 miles.  I was also stupid, I didn’t have quite enough water.   Hell, after 2 miles, most of the women were beat. But, we all kept going. Walking slow.  But, guess who was not walking slow? The MEN.  Halfway up the hill, we came to a flatland area and ate our lunch.   I told the group leader that I was going to take a hike, straight back down this different path. She said NO. ‘I don’t know that path’.  I told her I didn’t give a shit, I am tired and it would benefit me if I just went down the hill.   I can find my way, I am, after all, 1/4 Seneca-Iroquois and an Indian can find themselves out of any ‘ol woods.. She insisted: NO.


Onward, up a steep grade.  It was torment like you can’t believe.  This hill was about 42-48% grade.  That’s tough to climb, people.  I got to the top and was giving this bitchy-female (the leader) the dirtiest looks… LOL..  Onward.. Mad/Angry-faced me.  At some point, I asked the leader; “Why are the men not tired at all?”  She said “What!? Are you crazy, Pauli?  Men are stronger than women!”  I gave her an odd look.. [You all know that is not the m.o. for women’s lib.]  But, who could deny the men were not even tired!?  Finally, we got to “Mt. Toyon Road”, (which is a mile from the end of the hike) I looked down into the Promised land… [LMAOFF]………….


Over and over, I was barfing my guts out, heaving, dry heaves. Dizzy, passing out. The MEN were already at the bottom of the hill!!!! I had NO help.  So much for women’s equality, eh?  My friend and I were leaning on each-other the rest of the way down. She was exhausted, but not as bad as me, she had more water.  I didn’t bring enough water, remember? 

At the bottom of the hill, I laid down, and was cautioned to NOT drink water, for fear of convulsions.  We got home, everyone else decided to go to the lake. I stayed at home.  Could not stop barfing.  Finally, I had to drive myself to the hospital ER.  I can’t even remember, to this day – how the hell I got myself there.  I was DYING. For real.  The doc saw me immediately. I was suffering a major heat stroke. He gave me some pills to stop the heaving.  

For the next 3 days, I was recuperating from this bitch of a hike.  Which is why I support women’s inequality, 100%.

Women are not equal to men. Period.  When the SHTF, you she-males will ALL find out.  I will be laughing my ass off saying “I told ya so!”

Meanwhile….. keep dreaming because that’s all women’s ‘equality’ is about-a dream and for sane women, a nitemare: