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Green Eagle, a super big asshole came and HAD to correct us.. Of course we know, he is just another of Obamas shitheads.. Nobody meant to spell trEy’s name wrong.  Obama can mess up whole years, but he is still a ‘messiah.’  Hussein can get 50 states messed up with 57 states, but we can’t make a little spelling error….


The GOP has already started talking about increasing taxes and ignoring the no new tax pledge they signed years ago.  Some even made campaign speeches in front of giant blowups of this pledge.

Where is the crying weakling John Boehner on the Obama tax increase?   If the above weaklings are willing to forsake a pledge they made, then what chance have we that Boehner we stand against them?   Boehner is a weak leader who typifies the GOP policy of go along to get along.   If there is one Republican who stands out as a tough guy, a leader and a man afraid of nothing, its Trey Gowdy.   This man is a natural and should take power in the house after kicking Boehner out of his position.

Just think of it,  should anything happen to Obama and Biden (Baruch Hashem), tough guy, Trey Gowdy, would be the president instead of that weepy putz, John Boehner.


-David Ben Moshe