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Anytime I open a magazine, its all about the ‘accomplishments’ of women.  Now, pardon me if I’m not gung-ho for females.   Most of the females that the magazines make much A ‘Do about nothing are Obama morons, anyway..

(Below is from VOGUE mag, Aug 2012, I was reading it today.)


I think of all the great creations and inventions of men and then I read these pro-feminist supremacy articles & it makes me want to gag.  For real…just what has the female done?  Did the female storm the beaches at Normandy? No. Did the female bleed on the battlefield at the battle of Bunker hill? No.  Gettysburg? No. WW1? No.  Sure, there were a few here and there.  But majority? Nope.  Did the female fight during the crusades? No. Did the female model the great wall of China? No.  Did the female build the sky-scrapers? No. Did the female draft up Constitutions of countries? No. 

SO- I sit and wonder just how the female has been oppressed, yr 2012..? I have not felt oppressed as a woman-not here in America. EVER. (Yes, 1 or 2 work situations were not ‘great’, but that’s moot) Take these insane Muslim countries and there you have REAL oppression.   In my opinion, it is delusional insanity in the late, great USA that has females on both the offense and the defense: Fighting man.  Its the age old argument; God verses satan.  Satan, the devil was jealous of God, rose and rebelled against the authority of the universe and got thrown out of the Kingdom.  Same with women.  God made man the authority over the house/domain.  And, what did woman do with man’s authority?  Why…she rebelled, of course.  Same as Satan, the devil.  See?   Women who want to be better than men are fighting the natural order of things.  And, because they do this, we now have a country that is a dump.  God made MEN to rule over countries, not women.

  But, now we have women in charge.  Look at Obamas administration of females: Rice, Jarrett, Clinton, Sebelius, etc.. Look at all of them!! And, they totally suck. Women have proven (here in USSA) that they are 1000 X worse in their power grabs. Look how WOMEN started that crap in Libya, ditto Egypt, now the females are all over Syria wishing to subvert and undermine Assad, the leader there.  They don’t know how to fight and win wars.  Women’s policies enforce our troops without guns, which is why there are mercenaries.  If it was a mans world, again, (WITH the help of GOD)  we would not have this insane bullshit.

I’m sick of American women (no, not all, but most) and much of the time….I can’t wait til the S.H.T.F. When most Females will run for cover because they can’t take it..

JUSTICE…at long last.

That’s my Monday Morning rant.

This dude cracks me up…LOL: