FAT SLOB, Michael Moore Calls For Revolt In Michigan-He Should Just Stick To Eating & STFUP!

CLICK, this is funny:  Unions Protest Right To Work Vote -Michael Moore Calls for Revolt!

I’m still trying to figure out when Michael Moore will realize that the only people who listen to him are the ones taking his lunch order.

How many union employees did the slug use on his films???  

Why doesn’t Moore just eat and shut the f’ck up like a good fatty? This fat shit could never lead a revolt, he’s only good for target practice.. The guy is so fat, he leaves footprints in concrete! Michael Moore is so fat NASA orbits satellites around him. He’s so fat, he had his baby pictures taken by satellite…




11 thoughts on “FAT SLOB, Michael Moore Calls For Revolt In Michigan-He Should Just Stick To Eating & STFUP!

  1. I saw on another blog that he accepted a federal grant for over $800,000 for a film he made. Not only is he disgusting to look at, he’s a typical lying lib!

  2. Another limousine liberal douchenozzle POS. Everyday working people are too busy trying to survive to agitate and envision some glorious utopian pipedream fantasy. It is always privileged pampered hypocrites like moore and sobama who agitate and pied piper the gullible along to their doom.

  3. Michael Moore sure IS fat…..ans fat creeps are real likely to eat too much and suffer really adverse health consequences because of it….

    ” A day before his stroke, Sharon enjoyed a typical meal with a close circle of family and friends: hamburgers, steak in chimichurri sauce, lamb chops, shish kebab and an array of salads, the Maariv daily reported. For dessert, Sharon had chocolate cake – and then more cake.”

    What subsequently happened to that guy may be what’s in store for Moore….. and it’ll be his own damn fault.

  4. When I think of Michael Moore, I think of Monty Python’s Mr. Creosote in The Meaning of Life. The similarities of character are uncanny! Almost frightening! 🙂 LOFL!

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