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NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, AGAIN: Obama Sending Boots Near Syrian Shore On USS Eisenhower.

Contributed by QV

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With NO approval from the US congress, Obama has sent boots to Syria

RT reports the Perrenial of Evil Satan America has sent its boots as US troops arrive near Syrian shore on USS Eisenhower:  here

The US is now ready to launch such action “within days” if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad decides to use chemical weapons against the opposition, the Times reports. Not the LIES floating around that Assad would use those weapons against his own people.
The United States now stands ready for direct military intervention in the Syrian conflict when the weather permits,” the news source wrote.

The PARASITES euphemism for entitlement bums of America are delighted. It would mean money would roll onto their laps to sniff drugs and watch porn all day, prowl the streets at night to hunt and rape.

A careful analysis of investment patterns, oil, arms, shipping, minerals, pharmaceutical, defense and others, beginning with 2001, indicate a pattern of advanced knowledge and even manipulation of historical events. We know that.

Since the Korean Wars, we have seen EVIL US/West initiate wars to chase Resources and Enslave people of the world. Fortunately, God broke their Will & their Pride and the US has NEVER won a single war. Not even against slippered Afghan!!

Read the Sickening News of Satan’s Evil — represented by America. Watch for a False Flag by the US as an excuse to bomb Syria like they did Libya. And get ready for Thermonuclear War.

-The facts and opinion from a foreigners point of view, trying to wake up Amerikaners.