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The only real ‘rise’ I get out of the Obama regime of Christian and Jew hatred – is that he proves me right much of the time.  This blog gets many White Supremacists, Nazis and leftists (both are the same).  I usually have to ashcan them because I really hate the blogging thingie and tired of the constant “Obama is a Zionist” idiocy.  Obama, a “Zionist?”  LMAOFF. What a joke.  Zionism, in a nutshell is support for the Jewish people who wish to return to their homeland.  Anything outside of that is hogwash.  Obama is FOR the fuckestinians, NOT the Jews & certainly NOT Israel.

Anyhoo, what say you very moronic, liberal Jewish Jackasses that voted in this evil piece of SHIT?  You know what I think?

 First of all, God will protect Israel. Thats #1.  So, #2. Let Obama put in all kinds of evil Christian-hating, Jew-hating filth and let this asshole destroy the place.  That’s about where I am now. Sorry people.  I have so had it.

Let us all get it good.  It rains on the righteous and the unrighteous, the just and the unjust.  I am unafraid.  I know I am going to be with my LORD.

‘Scuse me foul language..