Hillary Clinton: NOT WOMAN ENOUGH To Face The Music For Benghazi-gate. Pretends To “Faint” <LOL! LIAR!

CLICK: HILLARY HEALTH SCARE: Faints, suffers concussion…

Please, bitch.  Laughing 1

You were ‘woman enough’ to say “We came, we saw, he died’ when you helped murder Gaddafi.  Were you not?  What a liar.  We can always count on this type of behavior from females when they can’t deal with what they’ve done wrong.. Good Lord.  Drama-fo-yo-Mama.  I have seen it a thousand times in my life.  A FEMALE does something wrong or screws up and then she suddenly gets ‘sick.’

If you believe this witch… I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.

aaaBy the way From Goldbug:

Fast and Furious .. how convenient .. plea bargains .. no public input .. no coming trials .. everyone in high positions pretty much left out of it. The poor schmucks on the street spend more jail time than that for carrying a joint in their pocket. But, of course, they need to keep the prisons full; it’s good for business and their bottom lines. How sad that our country is run by criminals (at all levels).

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: NOT WOMAN ENOUGH To Face The Music For Benghazi-gate. Pretends To “Faint” <LOL! LIAR!

  1. Look at this SHIT:

    AS IF THE NRA is to blame for a mental case:

    14:10, Dec 15, Mr. Dennis ***** NC
    Fight the NRA!! Ban assault weapons, large clips and all military grade weapons. Require back ground checks on all purchases of weapons before putting the weapons in a buyer’s hands. Make selling, buying or owning an assault weapon a mandatory five year prison sentence. We must discourage the existence of these weapons in our communities. They should be limited to law enforcement and military use.


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