Spread Some Joy………


Joy……….P. AsheDina/TMJ C. 2012  (LOVE Ballerinas lately)


I like to put these type posts up because all I see is horror.  I see a government gone wild, a people (Americans) who are lost and many reprobate.  Even after all of this, I must praise Elohim that I still have joy and peace in my heart. 

I hope you do, too (in a world gone insane)

I like this YT:

10 thoughts on “Spread Some Joy………

  1. MJ, I posted a photo on my blog defending firearms…come lend your support please. Just in case one of the fricking Brady bunch come comment shit 🙂

  2. If the idiots come to you, you just come on over and get me, I’ll take care of those IDIOTS

  3. Hard to spread joy when the reality is the Psychopaths of FUKUS are willing a Thermonuclear War that will see us all evaporated in 1 1/2 hours!!!

  4. Hang out with your family and friends and pray. This is the last of the good ol days. The USSA will look like North Korea in the second term of comrade chairmain Hussein the rockstar messiah. Thanks to all the bloggers and others who tried to warn us. May God bless you.

  5. Twas the night before Marxmas, and all through the grad,
    Not a worker was working; the market’s too bad.
    The stockings were empty and that’s how they’d stay,
    Because presents were rationed and coal went away.

    The children were thinking of the people’s school,
    Where they praise Comrade Chairman because that was the rule.
    Momma was trying for kid number six,
    To bump up her check and pay for her fix.

    When out in the Square there arose such a clatter,
    Was another spy caught? What could be the matter?
    I expected to see another traitor denounced,
    But instead, a man, his beard quite pronounced.

    The moon shone bright on the snow on each home,
    Global warming had chilled us, right down to the bone.
    When, what my wandering eyes did see,
    Was a detachment of men from the NKVD!

    With a full bearded leader, his face not quite dark,
    I knew in a moment it was Comrade Marx!
    More rapid than eagles his enforcers came,
    They knocked on my door and demanded my name.

    They yelled “Open up, Comrade!” in their angry tone,
    Suspicious that Bibles might be in my home.
    They kicked in the door and what did they see,
    But a computer, its browser on Moonbattery!

    I said, “My neighbor, he did that, if you want to know.
    “Me, myself, I love Barry O!
    “For him? I cast ballots at least counting eight.
    “My neighbor? Likes Limbaugh, and thinks he is great.”

    His Tok, how it twinkled, his men, how they stared,
    Looking at nothing, the whole flat was bare.
    He said, “Well done, comrade!” with a pleasing tone,
    “We go roust that bagger right out of his home.

    “Your word is enough, all charges will hold.
    “Traitor be shipped down Siberian road.
    “For praying to Jesus and clinging to guns.
    “And keeping money he makes from a business that runs.

    “For voting for Mitt and LTC West.
    “We shall give this traitor his much needed rest!”
    With a snap of his fingers he beckoned his guard,
    But not before filling my EBT card.

    They spoke not a word as they went to work,
    As they kicked in the door and arrested the jerk.
    Handcuffed and bleeding, and dragged out in fright,
    And thrown into a trunk in the middle of the night.

    He sprang to his ZIL, and put it in gear,
    Taking my neighbor away to just disappear.
    But I heard him exclaim, just as off he drove,
    “Merry Marxmas to all, and stay poor, dear tov!”

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