W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

You all know that I read many magazines at the YMCA.  Actually, I don’t really ‘read’ their articles per se, I don’t need to because pictures paint a thousand words.

What gets me about these mags is the fact that they constantly promote women under Shariah Law – Donned in their Burqa’s & Hijabs.  Anyone who knows anything about Islam and Shariah, knows that women under the Shariah are oppressed to the max. They are beaten by their male counterparts and suffer immensely.  Instead of promoting articles to HELP these women, they promote the oppression OF women.  So much for feminism, eh?  This is why I take NO leftist feminist serious.  “War on women?”  Its all smoke and mirrors.  The REAL war against women is coming from the left wing, who is not only against females worldwide but hates everyone-especially the unborn.  They ARE satanic filth that will be put out of their misery very soon, God willing.

We should expect more of this considering we have a foreign MUSLIM usurper in the White House who LOVES Jihad.

Here is the picture:


Click on the picture to see it larger.   It reads “Equestrian hat” + “Vintage Versace” + “A Hijab” =  The ‘fashion’ is called: ‘Jeremy Scotts Arab Spring Breakers’  (We all know that the Arab-Spring is and was a miserable FAIL.)

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3 thoughts on “W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

  1. [[What gets me about these mags is the fact that they constantly promote women under Shariah Law]]
    B/c Western men and their media Whores have sold their women, girls, and toddler boys to the Muslims for money & oil.
    First propaganda, like the west is excellent before invading a sovereign nation, build on it, prepare western women for islam, then sit back and watch the genital mutilation that will give multiple orgasms to the emasculated ,effeminate ,western men who lost their balls aeons back. And oooh, bestiality, common in islamic society will be ordnanced. Nothing suits the west than to indulge in bestiality — men fucking goats/horses, dogs/cattle – and western women can have same fun. Then all sodomise toddler boys in an orgy and rape toddler girls – turn it into porno and sell those films/photographs and watch the money rolling in. But God in His infinite wisdom has roused the muslims to entertain the feminists of the west. Let’s see how the lesbians/feminists enjoy being gang raped.
    America has sold itself out to the islamists for gay marriage and abortion. The rest of the West have jumped on the bandwagon too.
    If christianity wants to exist in America, then America will not and can not exist. That goes for the entire West. With the exception of germany. Why Germany? Go read history!

  2. Leave it to us (well, not me. I mean the assholes among us) to glamorize and sell the chains to willing slaves. It’s all so chic. In. Hip. Designer slave wear.

    I can just see the riff raff who can’t afford a $2000 glitterized burka, going to Wal-Mart to buy a Weber grill cover to throw over themselves.

    “How do I look, Mel?”

    “Like a grill cover.”

    “I think I look mysterious.”

    “I think you look like something from hell.”

    I say, Why waste money? Just use a contractor-strength trash bag.

    “Here, just put this black bag on your head and go cross the highway.”

    What “man” would be seen with a western woman in burka wear?

  3. My comment? ‘Professing to be wise,they became fools’. There’s NOTHING INSPIRATIONAL about the world’s culture,least of it that of Islam!

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