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(Before I rant, this was never reported: Staten Island: Russians Send Blankets To Storm ravaged NYC.. – The Mad Jewess)

Why, Laura Ingraham? (Ingraham is angry with Putin over this bill he signed, she is nuts.)  The facts are the facts, Laura.  America is a violent nation, now.


Perhaps Putin really is Christian-like and does not want to send the children of Russia to a country that embraces Soviet-style education?? An education system that Russia has banned because they know it doesn’t work?  Perhaps he knows – that one day, he may have to bomb us because of our war-crimes all over the map? Who knows.  

If I were Putin, I would have done the same, exact thing.  Sending little children to a violent, LGBT, gun-confiscating, dictatorial AmeriKa is a BAD idea.  Look how the kids are now: Mental-cases that shoot up schools and murder innocent children. Instead of taking care of the criminally insane, Democrat/”Progressives” would rather punish law-abiding citizens.. We have men that do boys, pedo’s, black on white crime is rampant.. you name it.. SELAH.

When are Americans going to get their heads out of their collective asses?? When are you ever going to see that this is not the America you grew up with? When are you going to get over your arrogance and pride over what we WERE?  I am over it.  I see things for what they are, now. You are only as good as your last show is a saying in theater, and a correct one at that.  The way things are in USSA, now, are horrible.  It was good (at one time) to be patriotic.  During the Reagan years. That’s all. Now, we are in a psych war, soon to be physical.  We HAVE been in this psych war since the 1960’s.  Why are we even having love for our nation that has been usurped by Communists?  We should be in an all-out massacre, ridding ourselves of this evil–instead, we are ‘proud to be American’. 

How can any sane American be proud of having a foreign Muslim usurper in the White house, who appoints traitors of the worst sort into high office?  Who murders with drones, yet wants to confiscate our hand-guns… HE should be banned from ‘fire-power.’ Not us!

Russian children are very beautiful.  They are also living and growing up in a country that is turning back to it’s Christian roots, unlike America who silences Christians and treats Christians like trash.  Ya’ all need some thinking to do.  We deserve punishment and all of us WILL suffer because of leftists. Period.

 (Photo montage I crafted, below) You can see Russians look wholesome. Why send beautiful, wholesome children to America, the whore of Babylon?  True, I am sure that Russia has its own problems, definitely, but NOTHING compared to violent, faggoty America.  Russia does not allow that LGBT filth.  It’s against the law, there. They know it is EVIL.  And, sick, is the fact that many ‘conservatives’ want to reach out and be mushy (instead of being truthful) to these people that practice homosexuality. GROSS.


Talented as well:

I have LOVED my country.  But my own country does not love me, anymore. My country loves Communism.  I deplore it. I rebuke it. I hate what our once great nation has become and I want God to JUDGE it, severely. You dont like that? I dont care.