DEMOCRAT-Commie California Is Losing Their Athletes Due To Income Tax. Oh Well, Boo Hoo

Well, well.. Who is going to pay for the illegals squatting in Cali? Obama? ROFL.  Well, you just deserve what you’ve got coming CA.  You are a horrible state, now.  You used to be beautiful and prosperous.  Now, you are an entitlement society of leeches and scum.

It’s sad.  While living in Cali, I used to bring grievances to City hall, Townhall, the Newspapers, you name it.  They didn’t listen, now they will pay the price… AND, they have 2 of the biggest moonbat females for senators; Boxer and Feinstein.  That’s what you get with women in charge and ‘Jewish’ women to boot.  What a mess.

CLICK: Commiefornia Losing Athletes Due To Income Tax

Makes me SICK how you EVIL leftist/satanists DESTROY places. Sick freaks…

Al Jolson would be puking because of you creeps.

Time & Tide…

 This is specially for  Lance.   He likes my digi-Art 😀

Rachel Maddow (Ugly,Feminist Witch) Is Being Sued

Bout dang time some justice is served.  I can’t stand this absolute snake in the grass. Ugly woman.  She makes me want to gag any time I turn on the TV and she is talking. Gross.

The case claims left-leaning interests are trying to undercut the presidential campaign of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., by attacking people with whom she has associated, including the ministry. Bachmann’s campaign is focused on a return to traditional values regarding marriage, fiscal policy and government.

Here is the link.  Hat Tip; NICK F.

Teen girl who performed at Obama inauguration, killed in Chicago

Where is Obama?  One of his sisters has been murdered in Chi-town.  He’s probably laughing thinking  her parents were dumb enough to have voted for Obama.

Teen girl who performed at Obama inauguration, killed in Chicago

Dayton, Ohio WHIOTV Pumps Up Convicted Rapist Who Wants Gun-control, Typical Leftist Insanity

Dayton, Ohio WHIOTV Pumps Up Convicted Rapist Who Wants Gun-control, Typical Leftist Insanity

This is leftism.  Sympathy for the devil.

WHIO broadcast an anti-gun rant of a convicted rapist. When questioned online, the station admitted that they knew the man was a convicted rapist!

Click here Dayton, Ohio WHIOTV pumps up convicted rapist who wants gun control

Queer-Boy, Obama Will Include Same-Sex Couples In Illegal Immigrant Plan

And the GOP will go along to get along.  So, not only do we have to put up with militant sodomite queers that act worse than a woman on her 2nd day of menstruation… Now we will have illegal, faggoty men stool-pushing their way  though Hussein Obama’s crash-course in amnesty.  Who ever knew that so many black people were pro-queen and ‘gay’ marriage?  How could a black minister have ever voted for this raunchy insanity?  I wonder how this makes Hispanics feel who came here the right way.. They get to wait in line while stool-pushing queers move right along.  Its a satanic/leftist world.  

You really believe that God is ‘blessing’ America?  Any other country would have been in sackcloth and ashes long ago.

Justice Scalia: The Constitution is Dead. Impeach Obama NOW. Throw Him OUT. Cast Him OFF

We have NO country.  It was bad enough with GHWB, Clinton and GWB, but King Hussein Osama is the absolute nail in the coffin.  All we are is a people that exist.   How would we restore sanity?  Bring the lead birthers to the political table and hear them out.  We have been usurped.  

Justice Scalia: The Constitution is Dead  Hat Tip, Maziel


In March of this year, Congressman Walter Jones filed House Concurrent Resolution 107, which simply states that only the U.S. Congress, under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, has the authority to declare war, and that any President who violates this cardinal principle of the Constitution may be subject to impeachment proceedings, under Article II. And of course, this is not simply a philosophical issue, as important that is, but a very real question as we see events in now, Africa, as well as the Middle East, and elsewhere, driving us in the potential direction of a war. And therefore, the role of Congress, as envisioned by the Founders, is pivotal in making sure that we don’t rush headlong into a conflict that could lead out of proportion into a general war.