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(I just got home after a very early gig at the VA)

Reading the news, I just witnessed Filthy, disgusting, white-trash, bitch Kathy Griffin kiss the faggot, Anderson Cooper’s crotch on New Years Eve. (Even the little putz, Cooper was embarrassed)  What a nice way to show the world just how ‘free’ we are, huh, you disgusting ‘liberal’ demented reprobates…


I got home late last night after 3 gigs and turned on stupid Faux News, and they showed the countdown to Commie America’s new year.  After the ball went down, they showed close up shots of couples kissing.  Fine, kissing is great.  But, do we really have to see people’s tongues all over faces and slimey spit in these shots?


America shows the world what ‘freedom’ is ALL about: