What REALLY Happened At Sandy Hook? Watch This Video And Discern For Yourself

Contributed by GoldBugGal

Maybe after you watch this video, you will see why Obama was faking crocodile tears after Sandy Hook..


EDIT: The Youtuber took the video down. Watch this one:

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  1. Goldbug cant comments b/c of NAZI wordpress, this is what she is saying:

    Yeah, I saw that before .. a totally staged event .. nobody ever saw any of the bodies, nothing about the two “proned and cuffed” STRANGERS .. no explanation as to why “Emilie’s daddy” was laughing and then pretended to be sad during the “pretend” press conference .. or how Adam shot all those kids, then shot himself, and then put his “SEMI-AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPON” back in the trunk of his car. No explanation as to why this “crime scene” was trashed and no fingerprints taken .. nothing. It is only obvious that this kid and his mom were executed, and Adam’s body was tossed into the classroom, where all witnesses were eliminated. This is absolutely sickening. I’m sick to death of the stupidity of the American people who still believe this evil cabal’s crap.

  2. Just like the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook was staged by the Elites who use terror to control the people. How else to get them to surrender their guns? The elites know that Americans are the most heavily armed people in the world. It would be difficult to enforce their evil intentions.
    This is what Professor George J. Stein wrote in his 1995 essay “Information Warfare”: Look it up.

    “Today, the techniques of combining live actors with computer-generated video graphics can easily create a ‘virtual’ news conference, summit meeting, or perhaps even a battle that would exist in ‘effect’ though not in physical fact.

    “Stored video images can be recombined or ‘morphed’ endlessly to produce any effect chosen.

    “This moves well beyond traditional military deception, and now, perhaps, ‘pictures’ will be worth a thousand tanks….”

    “Fictional operational environments, then, whether mass-targeted or niche-targeted, can be generated, transmitted, distributed, or broadcast by governments or all sorts of players through increasingly diversified networks…”

    And that’s precisely what happened at Sandy Hook.

    And there will be more such staged events.

  3. the right choice of words would be: put nothing past the elites. They are in control. 0bama is one of their puppets. The other more deadly is the CIA.
    With a track record of Covert Wars, Murder of Innocents, etc since end WWII.

  4. QV, the ‘elites’ are motivated by Communism. Bolshevism. The tower of Babel is what they want to create. The tower of Babel is COMMUNISM/BOLSHEVISM.

  5. It is all one big deception being shoved down the people’s throats, making them dumb little sheeple that will believe anything and everything they see and hear through media. May GOD HIMSELF rip the masks off these deceivers, may GOD HIMSELF lift their skirts and show the world what whores and pimps they all are! May those who really want to know the truth, find it. May those who do not, get what they deserve. More bondage from their lack of courage and their total ignorance and apathy!

    This shooting was one big STAGED EVENT. Yes, I said it and I am not the only one who thinks so. I’ve been doing lots of research on the thing and too many things do not add up, I can’t keep count. Did ya get a look at the creepy mediacla examiner????


  6. So am I to understand that no one was killed or the mother and son were killed. I am in a total confused state right now over this information and would like to be able to call Sandy Hook and ask what in the heck is going on but of course that wouldn’t get me anywhere. I just found out about this today and it has been on my mind ever since. I realize that there are ways to make things look like they have happened and didn’t but come on, this is serious stuff and I don’t consider myself a sheeple but if the gov. is doing this crap to take our firearms they need to feel the heat from one. I will keep reading about this and be in amazement of the lengths that these fools will go to get their way. If I could I would kick these commie bastards out of our WH myself.

  7. Mad Jewess, this is my first comment on your site. I’m very hearing-disabled, so I can’t catch everything being said on the Sandy Hook videos. Does any website have a transcript, do you know?

    The one about the alleged father of Emilie has been haunting me all night. Is Goldbug saying that he’s the real father but that Emilie wasn’t really killed which is why he can act so blase about the massacre? In this case, have any of the other Sandy Hook parents seen that clip because, if so, wouldn’t they be outraged? Or is Goldbug saying that he and his phony wife don’t even live in Sandy Hook? If that’s the case, wouldn’t some local have said something about never having seen them or Emilie before? And there’s the fact that “Emilie’s father” opened a Facebook account on the very day of the massacre!!!

    I’ve also read that there were no victims! That those children didn’t die! And I’ve read that the police didn’t even dust for fingerprints inside the school.

    This is the first site I’ve seen that has said these things. Is this an emerging story or is everyone else just avoiding it? I know you are having a hard time handling this emotionally, but if you could say more, I’d appreciate it because I am horrified beyond words.

  8. Pam, we are all puzzled about the Sandy Hook event. Where are the real parents of the kids who were killed? Are they being controlled? Do they even exist? Why aren’t they on TV voicing their outrage? Surely they cannot be shielded from the questions and suspicions floating around the internet! Since none of this is on the MSM, many people, who don’t have time, interest, or access to the internet, would never realize that there are so many unanswered questions. We don’t really know that Adam killed his mom and/or himself. The message immediately turned to gun prohibition and/or confiscation, which, IMO, was the primary objective.

    Regarding fingerprinting, or lack thereof, the videos show the Newtown police (or actors) handling the rifle that supposedly killed the kids and then mysteriously hopped back into the trunk of the vehicle after its alleged owner killed himself with it. Witnesses have stated that no fingerprints were taken inside the school, nor was the “crime scene” processed. We still don’t know the vehicle’s owner or his connection with this event, so that’s another question.

    I have posted only videos that are circulating on the internet, and we should all use common sense and attempt to piece this puzzle together. Just as the Aurora, CO theater event, none of this makes sense, and the information continues to “evolve.” WE WOULD ALL LIKE ANSWERS. Is this a total “false flag” for the purpose of gun control/confiscation? Was the entire event staged with actors? Will there be repeat performances? Why did the goofy Medical Examiner think everything was funny as he was being interviewed? Who were the other suspects proned and cuffed by the cops? Did they transport the Sandy Hook School sign to the Firehouse where the event appears to have been staged? Hey, you murderous gun-grabbing ba$tards, WE’D LIKE SOME ANSWERS, PLEASE!!

  9. Parents, watch for your children. Whether you wish to believe, small children have pure energies. They are killed as sacrifice to Satan. satanism is alive, kicking, and well in America as in Britain, the Center of Satanism. The british royal family are A1 satanists. As are the Bush family, etc.

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