White People Targeted For Genocide

Contributed by GoldBugGal

Listen to this video, yourself.  If you have a brain, you could see that you, as a white person, are targeted for mass genocide.

8 thoughts on “White People Targeted For Genocide

    This Video story is not very realistic,
    why is the white man speaking in an AMERICAN accent? and why is he useing words that we use today ! They do not even speak in a english tongue, never mind Europian.

  2. I disagree.
    Watch it again.

    White people are not in charge of USA, they hide under a bed. Mexicans & blacks have taken over with a black president halfie

  3. Whites genocided themselves when they allowed Leftists, Liberals, Feminiists to breed, profusely. White Women preferred to dry up their wombs to pursue insatiable sexual freedom.

    A report’s out that the White Population are DYING. They allowed their own deaths. Do not blame anyone. Fortunately, White Russians who hate to be known as Europeans are breeding, very well, thank you. As are the Israelis.

    So, White women of the western world, enjoy your dried up prunes-wombs.

  4. White genocide was planned decades and decades ago. The White Race was slotted for demise by Satanic Elites of the West. Check just how many elites or their children marry non whites. They are preserved as the Master Race. The rest are to be rubbished. The odd one or two that married ‘coloureds’ soon had the marriage end in divorce.

    WWI & WWII achieved much of that genocide. Then, do a little reading on the Gallipoli war and then you will understand that wave after wave of White men were set up to be slaughtered by the Turks that Britain knew would do the heinous job for them. The Turks held the high ground. The White soldiers were on the beaches. It was a turkey shoot. Just as the Brits planned. 600 allied men were killed in just 15 minutes. . 50,000 Australians, 20,000 British, out of 200,000 Irish only 4,000 Irish ended as casulties. The French too lay dead on the beaches. The Irish are marginalised and forgotten. So typical of the British who till today hate them with a vengeance.
    It was reported that crabs feasted on the flesh of slain White men. The hero of Gallipoli who sent White Men to be Slaughtered? Why, it was Winston Churchill. A member of the Elite. None of his family married a ‘coloured’. They all married White. As members of the Master Race.

  5. Tell me goldbug, WHICH White nation is going to the defense of White South Africans who are murdered in South Africa by the liberated blacks?

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