Woman (Attorney?) At Aurora, CO Shooting Is Same Woman (Phelps Mother) At Sandy Hook Shooting?

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 This IS Laura Phelps, in the Video, the first player.

Phelps IS an actress:

Sexton is NOT Phelps and neither is the attny.  

Rest of post by GoldBugGal:

Look at these pictures and ask why.  Use your brain. Pictures don’t lie.  Was the same person at both places???  We don’t know, we are just questioning.

Here is a larger picture of the one below with family , on the right hand side (scroll down in that thread)
Phelps “Mother”
Attny above^
Phelps “Mother”:
“Phelps Mother”
Holmes, Colorado Attny:
Phelps ‘family’: (The ones on the right>)   Maybe the same man, they DO look alike, but not the woman.

Aurora Shooting, CO James Holmes “Attny”.




Why are actors involved in these shootings????

We must question this, its too uncanny. We could be wrong. We are questioning because their are too many ‘coincidences.’


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  1. Dont look to US for evidence!!
    I’ve *NEVER* even seen anything like this Jack, I just got home! Right now.

  2. They look the same or close enough to the same to quite possibly be the same people. However that is only one item needed to constitute proof. I not saying they are different people or the same people. I am just saying this is one compelling piece of evidence.
    The problem I have is where to get more proof of this with the propaganda driven media that we now have in this country. I am sure that if it is true you will find some planted story saying this is bogus, and if it is false you will find a planted story saying it is bogus. where would one go to find the truth?

  3. I dont know.
    I have NEVER seen anything like this.
    just dont count on the msm to tell you

  4. You got that right. I am not even sure you can count on alternative media top get to the bottom of this. The fact it is not receiving a lot of attention makes me wonder, almost like they are afraid to protest to loudly if you ask me. I have been trying to dig up more on this all day. I am sure it will not be much a surprise that there is not a lot on it and snopes called it bogus. Then again I wouldn’t trust snopes to accurately report that the sky is blue.

  5. I dont know what to do about it, to be honest.

    Never seen anything like this.

    I found a youtube by ACCIDENT on this particular subject, then GoldBugGal (our other blogger, who is also a senior citizen and former military) sent all sorts of links. I just watched them–to my astonishment, all of this was being shown. These fake actors, matching pics.
    Unbelievable to me. Life is BAD enough, but these leftist slime will do just about ANYTHING.. i can see that now.

    I guess I will just keep looking around. I dont know what else to do. I have NEVER EVER seen such a SLOPPY job.

    Did people even get shot?
    Jeeeeeeeeeeeez, this has had me really stunned.
    I am as stunned as any other reader–AND if this is all true, (that its part hoax, or whatever) someone MUST put a stop to this.

  6. Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told The Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots – more than she could count – that went “on and on.”

    How could the principal have survived to give this statement to local press describing what happened … if she was one of the first to be killed? Incidentally, The Newtown Bee’s article was taken down yesterday. Of course, a plausible explanation is that a reporter mistook another teacher for the principal.


  7. I read that article before it is something else. Oh and Mad Jewess I have one more thread to follow but not having much luck,, there was a connection that was reported connection with James Holmes,and Adam Lanza’s fathers, Something about them both having somethingto do with the LIBOR investigation. I haven’t seen anything about this in a while. Hope it helps

  8. I’ll read it in the AM. This kind of shit makes me really upset and confused.
    I dont like this at all. Its extremely disturbing.

    But, this particular post has 10’s of thous of hits right now–almost as much as the zombie attack last summer.

    So, we are not the only ones that are probably really upset and out of sorts about this mess.
    Shalom, time for me to retire on this tonight.

  9. We need to be skeptical of all these things. I believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was a set up to take guns away. I’ve thought so from the beginning. With that said it’s important to be cautious about what we share and spread. Be careful and proceed to investigate this. We could use someone like Donald Trump who can afford a team of private investigators about now.

  10. Hi ladies, This is long but really worth the watch….all of this is so alarming….what’s MORE alarming is that so many ppl just do not WANT to know what’s real. Also, Look at the Christina Taylor-Green Foundation page…she’s the little girl that was supposedly killed at the Gifford shooting….SHE IS THE SAME LITTLE GIRL(IDENTICAL) as Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton……who is the lawyer of Holmes AND a Sandy Hook mother who “lost her little girl”… Foundationhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-zRSLWLSqo

    I have all the pictures and man, let me tell you, it’s indisputable….100% conclusive.

  11. SHE IS THE SAME LITTLE GIRL(IDENTICAL) as Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton’s DAUGHTER, I meant to say.

  12. Well, Nate; We did what we could. Right?
    People will either see what is happening or not.
    TY for the links, many people clicked on them, hope its of use to them.

  13. I notice that the “alternative” media are now saying that the LIBOR connections (Holmes & Lanza’s fathers) were a hoax .. but are they? How can we believe anything? MSM fills heads with lies, and much of what we read on the internet is a lie. Photoshopping is becoming a problem, so we can’t even believe what we see. Example: Nancy Pelosi photoshopped some new female congress members who were unavailable (or didn’t want to be seen with her) for a photo. If the media deny it, one is generally safe in believing it.

  14. I am so glad to know that Snopes will tell me this is false. I cannot tell you the number of times Snopes has been dishonest. Like I said in an above post I would not believe Snopes if they told me the sky was blue without checking for myself first.

  15. MAD Jewess, This is unrelated to this story but 100% related to those that will not see. This interview was with an ex KGB agent that moved here and sought asylum in the country. This interview took place in the early ’80s.

  16. It seems as if the Libor scandal originated from SORCHA FAAL. One of the biggest disinfo agents out there. I became familiar with them 4 years ago with all kinds of crap. I just now found this out about Libor being a possible hoax. IF they (Sorcha Faal) are the ones who came up with this, it is a good chance it is a big fat hoax. Now the thing about disinfo agents, they will give a tiny bit of truth to get you to swallow a whole big delusion. Just enough to drive you crazy as they sit back and laugh their heads off. So as we try to weed through the garbage, we look like conspiracy nuts when we try to find out what stinks. BUT, I still think these shootings are fake as all get out. Did children die? If they did, I don’t think we have seen the “REAL” parents as the people portraying the parents just do not seem credible to me. Go to youtube and look at other videos of other people grieving for their children. Entirely different thing. Those grieving parents are drained, you can see it. But Sandy Hook “parents” are way too animated, in my forever humble opinion. And remember the Batman shooter? Remember it appeared TWO seperate guys? I pray SOMEBODY in LEGITE media (if there is such a thing anymore) will blow the lid off of every bit of this B.S. But until then, I want to be able to discern everything. God help us all to discern.

  17. wow. she’s diabolical. she went to great lengths to even change the shape of her eyebrows. will these people stop at nothing?

    EDIT: We really do NOT know if this is the same person, we put it out there for PEOPLE to LOOK at the AMAZING similarities.

  18. redeemedhippiesplace, It is now living with a media that resembles the USSR’s media during the height of Communism. The wise people know not to believe it and that leaves them to believe what they know and what they see (if they see it with their own eyes). It will close us off to the world as we cannot trust the reporting from there either. Furthermore unless a Blogger investigates and breaks the story we cannot even look to blogs for accurate information as they will rely on current events reported in the media to do what they do.
    You are correct about the Disinformation sites posting a kernel of truth with the garbage they spew. After all the most believable of lies need a small amount of truth to make them palatable and check-able. Here is the catch, as our media and the truth move further apart the truth will become more subjective.

  19. Well doppelgangers do exist for most of us. The thing to do here would be to compare both faces in one of the morphing programs that will have you mark certain features on both where it basically measures facial construction… Like pupil to pupil. Then you’d see what the % difference is when it calculates it to morph…. Or if you have photoshop you can do the same thing manually using layers in both images.
    Their jaw lines look a bit different to me (the jaw is the most original facial construct) but it is startling how alike they look!
    With our evil gov’t I wouldn’t discount anything since they’ve been caught in so many things we’d never imagine..And I have to say there is still that nagging open ended story about the possibility that both guys have dads who may have been to testify in LIBOR along with the initial reports not matching the later reports & purges of early reports online by the news agencies etc. So I would say it bears looking at closer for sure.

  20. Weird – any truth to the link between both the Aurora and sandy hook shooters fathers ust (heard they were both set to testify in libor scandal?

  21. I agree, Snopes is pure BS.

    We (Goldbug and I) are only QUESTIONING here.
    We dont know for sure if its the same person, it could be, knowing Obama, ANYTHING is possible.

    Its too strange NOT to!!
    I am off to bed, I have a BAD flu.

  22. Hi RH 😀 I have not gotten into that LIBOR thing.

    I agree, they are not even really moved by their own kids being murdered–in fact, that one guy is LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doesn’t everyone laugh when their child is murdered!!

  23. There are added pics here, in case someone is checking this out.
    We are just questioning, thats all.

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