(Update EDIT) What I *Personally* Believe Re. The Sandy Hook Acting Scandal

By The Mad Jewess.

#1. I do believe that we have been hoaxed. Just how much, I don’t know.  This post that GoldBugGal blogged about shows that there is some freak hoax and I am livid about it:  RIP’ VIDEO: How Did Victoria Soto Know She Was Going To Die On Dec 10? Sandy Hook Happened Dec 14

#2. This 1991 Book Predicts School Shootings By Drugged Individuals In Order To Disarm Public.  Is it possible?  It is not just possible, it happens at every one of these events or supposed events. Yep, the US government is a terrorist to the max–to be feared.

#3. I 100%  Think Leftists Are  Exploiting Sandy Hook Fake ‘Shooting’

#4.  Why Has Fox News NOT Interviewed ONE Sandy Hook Family Member In Person? Why Only CBS, ABC, NBC Interviewing Family? I believe it is because it is a semi-fake situation. And Fox news would not be trusted to the Commies.  We wont really ever see Fox reporting on this face to face, probably.

#5. I totally believe and  Raised My Own Hand, that Sandy Hook Is Some Type “Set-Up”

#6. GoldBugGal posted that she believes that Sandy Hook was a ‘false flag’ set up: “Absolute Proof Sandy Hook Was Staged”, Say Youtubers. What Do You Believe? I believe something STRANGE happened and I don’t have the answers. I am puzzled and perplexed. Angered, infuriated that the ‘liberals’ would go this far in order to disarm us and leave us without a gun to defend ourselves against robbers, rapists and THEM.

#7. GoldBugGal posted: What REALLY Happened At Sandy Hook? Watch This Video And Discern For Yourself.  Open that link & go through it.  There are people in the video that are fictitious (as in actors)  That “Medical Examiner” was a total phoney.

#8. Sandy Hook Shooting FRAUD Gene Rosen’s Audition Tape – SEES THE CASUALTY LIST 2 DAYS BEFORE RELEASE.   Rosen is fake as shit in that video.  It’s disgusting.  Our fav Jew-hating crazy (The Incogman) really makes fun of Rosen… His website is totally monitored or I would link the moonbat.  (It is very sick, to me, that so many Jewish names are involved in this hoax.  I really hate leftist Jews, and they have made me hate them even more because of this.  They can rot in the gutter.  And F themselves.  “The synagogue of satan” for sure.)

#9.  I am really surprised that so many people have just ‘let this go’.  This is a total attempt to use a trumped-up situation to grab ALL of our guns.  More people should have been on this subject.  I believe many people were scared for fear of being labeled a ‘conspiracy nut.’  Well, its NOT a conspiracy if its the truth.  Is it?  You need to throw yourself out there and start being brave.  We really have NOTHING to lose considering we have lost our nation.

Now… We have to move on.  Because Progressive monsters are on the march.  They never stop until they have achieved the Communist-Jihad.  If something arises that we feel we should see, I am sure that GoldBugGal will post it.

The Mad Jew B*tch…

9 thoughts on “(Update EDIT) What I *Personally* Believe Re. The Sandy Hook Acting Scandal

  1. I have my thoughts on it too. HOAX to the max. I’m not even so sure there are dead people anymore. One reason… remember how that vile church was suppose to come and protest at the “funerals”? WELL, are there any pictures of them actually there? Not that I can find. (Someone correct me if I am wrong) But it APPEARS that they were SHIELDED by a bunch of people so we didnt get to see or hear a thing from them this time, did we? Oh and that Phelps “church” are a bunch of lawyers and democrats for the record. I plan on trying to write all this down at some point, but if anyone else wants to do it, go for it. All that matters is the truth.My brain gets tired. And for the record I am NEV—ER afraid of being called a “conspiracy nut.” Much rather be one of those than a mindless sheeple who is spoonfed everything from lying media.

  2. And for the record I am NEV—ER afraid of being called a “conspiracy nut.”

    I hear ya sister.

  3. That IS a vile church!!
    They ALWAYS celebrate the bad.
    I only celebrate the bad when its in NY LOL

  4. There’s a lot of information but very little of it has been verified. Here’s a few things we know for sure:

    1. If that really is Emilie Parker’s dad and she really did die, then he had a very bizarre and unusual reaction to her death. The huffing and puffing right before his speech to “get into character” was just pathetic. Maybe he’s her dad and maybe she died and maybe the truth is he just doesn’t care about her very much. That could be the truth here. Nevertheless I think the video of his speech is the strongest evidence in the lot. At first even I made excuses for him, like “Everyone grieves differently” but I just can’t get over the fact that he doesn’t seem to be grieving AT ALL for her loss.

    2. Leftists jumped on that very quickly to promote gun control, even though gun control makes absolutely no sense in the context of the situation and there’s nothing in gun control laws that would prevent a law breaker from acquiring a weapon.

    3. Psychotropic drugs are kill pills, they promote suicidal and homicidal behavior. Some people may benefit from them, but their use should have tighter regulations put on them and people shouldn’t be asking for antidepressants because they feel sad over their life circumstances sucking. News to the ignorant: If your circumstances are bad it’s normal and healthy to feel sad/angry/upset about it. You don’t need a pill to alter your brain chemistry. It’s not natural or healthy to be 100% happy 100% of the time.

  5. As someone who experienced the sudden death of a young, loved one because of an unprovoked, violent attack, I too think that the behaviour of “Robbie Parker’ is peculiar in that press conference. He was smiling in a calm way—–no horrified eyes from shock, horror and disbelief. No thundering rage churning away inside that makes you talk through clenched teeth, no flared nostrils. He was too clean…grieving people rarely wash or eat for days!!!! They just have a screaming tape playing over in their head…just THREE words repeated over and over: NO, NO, NO/WHY, WHY? WHY/WHO, WHO, WHO? You don’t agree to do a press conference, reciting a cheesy script of how Emily loved all the bodies ( child’s speech) and all the bodies loved Emily…because clearly some murderous bastards did not love her or any one of those mainly Angelic-looking White children..They wanted them dead..and guess what?—They are DEAD/DEAD/DEAD!! Let’s love all the bodies…we don’t need guns..let’s love everyone…let’s love all the bodies in the whole wide world..even the drugged up Black or Hispanics watching you walk to your car after you have been to the Bank or to a funeral!! You know the ones WITH the guns that the White guy, brainwashed to ‘love all the bodies,’ can not purchase or use. WHO, WHO, WHO wants guns out of circulation for USA citizens? WHY, WHY, WHY do they want to make it easy for racist, hate-filled thugs and jealous non-White immigrants to slaughter White Americans? You must say NO, NO, NO, to the media puppets’ interpretation of the Sandy Hook Terrorism and NO, NO, NO to ANY amendment to the Second Amendment. All White USA people/ any pro-Democracy citizens should set aside an indefinite time to sit with their families outside, by their letterboxes with food and supplies and loaded guns…not moving from that spot, not making money to give to State and Bankster thieves and ungrateful, violent unemployed, unemployable subhumans,–they sit not washing, not going to the toilet,,,day and night and night and day….while the worls watches, as the perverts in the media are thrown out of work, factories close, shops are boarded up…sit,..sit…as grieving, shocked people must. Democracy, liberty–the freedom to go safely to school in a once White, civilised country has been utterly destroyed. Killed, murdered by Illiterate thugs who were used to terrorise you, PC bullies and Traitors, who made trillions off you..the enemy at the gates did this to you…you know the ones…,the ‘liberal left’ the Bolshevik/MultiKult promoting, White-hating Marxist-Communists did THIS to you. The KGB tactic: Demoralisation/Destabilisation/Crisis (now) Normalisation ( the appearance of– later ) then REPEAT…a game, a ploy…..WAKE, WAKE WAKE UP. You are one step nearer to Communist UK.

  6. I feel for you, Alex.
    Its terrible that you REALLY went through this horror and here these creeps are making LIGHT of horror.

    G’d damn them all to hell.

  7. Thanks for your kind words. On Dec 17 2012 a hack named Virginia Ironside from the paper Independent UK wrote an article, also placed under The New Zealand Herald ‘life and style’ banner on-line. VIRGINIA IRONSIDE UK INDEPENDENT LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX..CELEBRATING 50 YEARS She wrote gleefully that there was hardly any “tut-tutting’ about gays (sodomites) anymore and commented that there were now only a few stragglers or opponents whinging about ‘gay’ ( homosexual) ‘marriage’. She also posted a web site’ Friends with Benefits’ where young and old, total strangers, hook up (isn’t that sodomite lingo?) and meet each other for a coffee and a ‘shag’ (sex)…no love there… implying it is grow-up time…sex without love…no emotion..just an animal ruck. I wondered if the ugly Khazarian-looking creature in the picture was even female and sHE obviously delights in this defilement and corruption. However, the killer comment at the end is this and I quote: “And of course there’s the over-hysterical witch-hunt-like wave of anti-paedophilia that seems to have erupted from nowhere.” She wonders when ‘these voices , eventually die down.” I am down on my knees…BEGGING you..BEGGING you…Please, please……expose this sickening scum and both these newspapers…and flick Virginia Ironside’s article off to every decent human you know. I literally gagged when I read it.

  8. Tzaharayim tovim
    Hi Howie!!
    Just a pissed-off Jewess mad as hell at the putz in the White House who makes me mad, (indignant)
    ….and YES!! MAD as in lunatic-ala-maniacal!

    NYer as well, The Hamptons.

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