France Then & Now: Muslims Destroy France. I’m Telling Ya, It’s Commie Politicians & Leftists That DESTROY Countries

Click this link first, Islamo-nuts rioted in FR on Dec 31, 2012-Just insane Muslims acting as they act BECAUSE of the leftists who kiss their asses: The Evil Stench of islam Floats Through France on The Smoke of Burning Cars Destroyed by The mooslim Vermin

I don’t feel well at all, I am really sick with the Obama-mandated Flu-but I could not pass this up.  This Islamo-INSANITY made me pissed off.  Why do western nations keep voting in these treasonous, open-border psychopath-maniacs?  I am telling you, we need to send the leftist cancer to hell.  America is SO finished because of leftists/progressives.  They are destroyers. They need to just go die. May God put them out of their misery before we are forced to do so. You can blame the Muslims all day long, but it is the LEFT who completely enables these rat-bastards. The LEFT is to blame.

Look at France now:




France – below, long ago, before leftist moonbat SLOBS murdered their country. The French were all about Love, La More, Je ‘t Aime, fashion, Ala Mode.  Now, it’s ugly, hatred, fire, death, ruination & MUSLIMS wrecking everything. The ‘liberals’ favorite past-time is destroy, murder, steal.. Like Satan, the devil…They call us ‘haters?’  Puhlease.. Look at the HATRED, searing, seething hatred in those photos above. Gimme a break with the “You’re a hater” CRAP, you sicko, loser, leftist FREAKS!

France, then ~ (Something that Conservative & Christian people appreciate –Beauty & Love:  the finer things in life):

beauty, lady, france, vintage, hat

Makes me want to vomit, looking at how beautiful they were compared to the insane, sick, left wing slimes who killed France…

The Nouveau France.  


Happy YET, Leftists??

JE ‘T AIME the insanity yet, French people?  France lacks because they are Israel-haters.  So, they are cursed with the curse that God brings upon those that hate HIM and HIS land.  God chooses who and what he desires, its not up to Jew-haters to decide who God likes or what land he loves above other lands. Tough sh*t.

15 thoughts on “France Then & Now: Muslims Destroy France. I’m Telling Ya, It’s Commie Politicians & Leftists That DESTROY Countries

  1. The French have always acted like they were so superior to America. I guess they are just as stupid. Even so, no country deserves this shit.

  2. Read some 1,119 cars were burnt. Jolly good! remember Libya people.
    france was at the front to destroy that successful African nature . Murdered & Plundered.
    The muslims favoured by de Gaulle should drive every Frenchie into the sea. de Gaulle hated Jews who are making aliya.
    Enjoy your muslims france, you deserve them.

  3. ITs awful. They seem to want it, though, a select few in the streets saying Muslims get out, not enough to get RID of the cancer.

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  5. my grandparents were french. i hate them slimy goat furgle turban punks.
    the city of lights has become a shit-hole. stupid socialist, they have destroyed a country that the nazis could not. damn to hell

  6. France is populated with RABID Anti Semites. They love the muslim arse.

    It is reported the Muslim Nigger 0bama nominates the Hate Jews/Hate Israel Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense. Will American Jews stand for Israel? Methinks, NO. They are disconnected from reality. And gutless to boot. Will they be as gutless as their forefathers were with Roosevelt in rescuing the Jews of Europe. Will history repeat itself? YES.
    Mainstream America, American ‘christians’ and liberal Jews are more concerned with Israel expanding settlements and agonizing over occupying Pali land (when Americans are OCCUPIERS of native land) and endangering the ‘peace’ process as articulated by Thomas Friedman.
    They will aid their darling Arab Confederacy to wipe Israel off the map.
    France will be right behind america rooting for Israel’s demise.

    And John Brennan of “islam is a religion of peace’ is appointed CIA chief.

    See how prophecy is being fulfilled right before your eyes?

  7. Will American Jews stand for Israel?

    The vast majority of Jews voted in Hussein.
    W Y S I W Y G.
    He is a MUSLIM and they are bat shit insane

  8. Its coming from an official. Not from the PM’s office. China will close some labour camps. Not all. They still them to teach dissidents and those who shame the state. And of course Xinjiang muslims.

    America , on the other hand, well deserves a labour camp. It would be majority whites with blacks whipping them into shape. And the whites would grovel, snivel, and lick black arse — they already did when they re-elected the Black Arse. Not any black arse. But A MUSLIM BLACK ARSE!

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