Message To Liberal Jews: GUN CONTROL…..Made The Holocaust Possible

Liberal Jews: You think it can’t happen here?  Well, think again.  This is the road this country has chosen to go down and you had better have a gun to protect yourself from it.

-David Ben Moshe

Photos hat tip: America, C 2 C

9 thoughts on “Message To Liberal Jews: GUN CONTROL…..Made The Holocaust Possible

  1. here we are, this soon after the holocaust. and look around at all the other country’s people that got here before us. its a psychopathic madness that rules, and their minions are sociopaths. both groups make up less then 3 % of the populace, but they love power and control as much as you love your children. so be advised-it aint satan or money. those ideals are just a means to an your mind. you try to justify why they do it. you cant its a wired brain that you dont have. pushed to the wall and beaten half to death before you fight back. most folks are well meaning and good natured, real team players. look around its allways that 3 % that are allways stirring the pot. if there is a personal god, i dont even know what i would pray for. maybe- understanding of who this scum is for all to see. yeh thats my prayer.

  2. The rfid will track you, control you, and even kill you if you slaves get out of line.

    This is secret, but true.

  3. Yep, they want to kill us with the RFID making us submit to an Ovomit anti christ

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