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Most feminists are hideous, snarling dragons-Seeking whom they may devour. Ruthless, uncaring, unkind and murderers of babies.  They are JEALOUS.  Miss Alabama is gorgeous. ANY woman would want to look like Miss Alabama.  Any man would fall in love with her.  

Nuf Sed about that.

Sure, there are some pretty feminists. Not many.  Nice to LOOK at, but I would trust that any SANE man would stay the hell away from a feminist, they are sure to make your life miserable with the constant penis-envy.  Most men are onto the feminist slaughter of men. Good for them. But if you are not, you need to start joining “MRAs” Male Rights Advocates.

Let’s compare the Pretty Miss Alabama to a skanky fem witch:

Now, let’s see the latest Ms. leftist star, a Feminist skunk who looks like Heatmizer From “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”.. She makes Janet Reno look like a glamour girl..

Case Closed.


Brent Musburger Criticized for Remarks About Miss Alabama 

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