It’s Time To Stop Thinking Everything Is A “Conspiracy” Or A “Coincidence”, Govt Is Now A Dictatorship, Hell-Bent On Murder

First off, I want to say… If the government puts boots on the grounds in other lands and drones without mercy in the middle of hells-half acres, (without congressional approval, time and time again) why would you think they are out to protect you? 

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that even many big name ‘conservative’ news sites are not going to ask questions about certain scanarios like Sandy Hook (the acting scandal) Or the deaths of John Noveske and Keith Ratliff. (Both were big gunners who sold guns and trained people to use them, safely)  They were murdered. End of story!  Look them up.  Nobody is questioning it. Nobody.  I have enclosed this article:  Prominent Rifleman murdered by Obama’s gun-grabbers.

I don’t believe Breitbart just ‘died’ either. He was murdered.  As was his coroner and another key-eye witness to his ‘heart-attack’.    HE WAS MURDERED!  They killed Breitbart,  because 1. Either he had Obama’s pamphlet from 1991 where Obama admits he is born in Kenya. Or 2. Because he ate with Ayers and Dohrn and they slipped him slow acting poison that strains an already weak heart.  

Sheriff Larry Dever just ‘died’ mysteriously in a car wreck last year.  He was standing up to the dictator/tyrant, Obama.  Then, poof, he is gone.

Tuscon paper:

The Tucson Sentinel reports that an unidentified driver was actually following Sheriff Dever on the lonely Forest Service road, but lost sight of his 2008 Chevrolet pickup for a brief period.

These are GREAT men that were murdered-nobody cares. It breaks my heart. Look at the face of this wonderful sheriff. You can see that he was an excellent man.  I am sick about all of this murder.   Since this administration is killing it’s enemies off, I have decided to look into alternate websites now for my news because we need the truth.  Gateway Pundit is fluff, Drudge is fluff, Savage is fluff.  These and many others are all fluff websites not addressing this dictatorship, whatsoever.  

I will also read & pick through the so-called ‘conspiracy’ websites, because one thing I can count on from them is the fact that they are willing to go out on a limb to find the truth, even if they are wrong. So? They are wrong here and there.  They care for us peasants, while these big websites do not.  {I will do what I can to get at the truth. If I have posted something wrong, I always have the men (also combat vets) from “The Muslim Question” to help me/us out. Or direct us in the right wayThey have corrected us before.}

The MSM (FOX as well) made not ONE question about that fake acting scandal in Sandy Hook. You all know it was a damned HOAX.  Come on, already. 


It’s Past Time To Stop Thinking Everything Is A “Conspiracy” Or A “Coincidence”, Govt Is Now A Dictatorship, Hell-Bent On Murder.

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  1. I think most of this KNOWS this but have either been afraid to think the govt could be SO EVIL, or, would rather keep their heads buried in the ground hoping it would all go way in time.. People are calling Congress Cowards…. THEY ARE THE COWARDS who are afraid to face and deal with REALITY…….

  2. Hello, TMJ! Happy new year! I apologise for not being in touch or commenting. My dad passed away on Dec 30th. As for the topic, there is no such thing as ‘accidents’ where exposing lies is concerned. By the way, a professor in a Florida university has pointedly stated in his blog that he believes Sandy Hook was staged.

  3. Wow, sad to hear that. I hope you are faring well. We dont have many friends (online here), so do come back.
    Daven and prayers for your heart mending.

  4. Emperor Hussein the coolest marxist rockstar professor ever is giving the Bill and Hilly a run for their money in the body count department. Every day innocent people just trying to make a life out of living are droned to death in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and soon the glorious homeland USSA will have drones. Hey revenge voters and 47% are ya happy? Enjoy it while you can, the tipping point has been reached

  5. America is killing her own, as well as Murdering others. It is called america’s democracy, human rights, right to kill.

  6. Everything in this obama regime is nothing but a conspiracy. Full of lies and a complete mockery of the truth. There is no truth in them. As far as “conservative” media, ha. I’ve been hearing their spin on things for some time now. When any of them want to call obama “a nice guy,” then know they are either cowards covering their own butts before all hell lets lose. When they refuse to call him what he is, know they are either on the side of the oppressers and are part of the conspiracy to help spread “fair and balance” news. Which is laughable. COWARDS! I am sick of them. They remind me of the silent jews and christians who kept their mouths shut during Hitler’s days, with an attitude “if I just keep quiet, they will leave me alone.” AGAIN, I SAY COWARDS to the “conservative” media! Sandy Hook was government murder IF there were any true murders to begin with!

  7. I met Sheriff Dever on a couple occasions. When you shook his hand and looked him in the eyes and listened to him talk, you knew he was a good man.

    He was also an outstanding Sheriff. When my Mom was having wetback problems on her place, he told her to shoot them and he’d back her up, personally. That she would not be prosecuted for defending herself and her property.

  8. Forgot to say…your suspicious death list reminds me of the one that was going around during the Clinton Administration.

  9. “The left-wing is always full of crap. Phoney outrage. I can’t stand B.S., and the left is full of it. 55 million murdered babies by abortion – at the hand of leftists, but they pretend to cry over these kids at Sandy Hook…???”

    …..the hypocrisy of it all. (not to mention we pick the tab for it too)

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