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Click to read this sad report: Syria is dangerous for Christians – Bishop Samir Mazlum. It is sad and sick to see this.  It is also disgusting that OUR government has helped the Muslim bro’hood ‘rebels’ in Syria.  Chosen the Muslim bro hood over Christians. Just like Serbia. Filthy. Abominable. America is a terrorist, now. Totally.

Fars News reports that Assad Wants US and Israel targeted if he is assassinated. (I would feel that way, too if I was being targeted, unjustly. I dont ‘like’ Assad, but look what has happened to his country b/c of Obama’s insane democracy.)  

I know that Israel is not involved in this situation, (their main chief concern is if the ‘rebels’ get the weapons, this is what I have read, over and over..) but Obama and his  terrorist drones certainly are.  Obama wants WW3 with Russia and China over Syria.   Many neo-conservative wack jobs are with the rebels.  What can you expect? When a leader is evil, the people will become evil and want for evil.

Syria is none of our business from the get-go.  Just as Egypt and Libya were none of our business.