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Please click to read: A Time to Kill

I wholeheartedly agree with this fine soldier. In sadness, I agree.  I have fought against many people who ‘want a Civil war’.  There is absolutely nothing in me that ‘wants’ a Civil war.  I would hope that we would have never had to come to this.  My heart is not in any civilian war.  Not ever.  

But, since I am a woman and am not equipped as a man- let me say; You come to destroy my home, hurt my family, put one foot on my property-you evil satanists that have bowed to Obama-Baal & I will shoot you dead. No questions asked.  I will not shed a tear.

You have pushed people to the absolute brink. You’ve devastated lives and the whole soul of our country. The murder that you have inflicted on this nation by abortion should have sent the judgements of God, long ago.  I see no reason to have mercy on you  tyrants when the time comes.

It is the abject goal of every God-fearing individual to reject and resist tyranny wherever it rears its ugly head.  

I realize that I will probably die.  At least I can say that I died fighting tyranny, that I did not try to escape it.  I know where I will go in the end.  Satans kids, the left– will not go where I will be.  I thank God for this, everyday.

Until the time comes to wipe your cancer off the face of the earth… This song is reserved for my friends who all know, in their hearts, that they, like me, will die fighting you, who love & worship tyranny.