Kitty-Cats Are People, Too. Here’s 100% Proof!

I love cats, they are so independent. That is how American humans should act; Have independent thought.

I love kitties!!  Laughing 2

Stray Cat Strut:

The Mad Jewess

9 thoughts on “Kitty-Cats Are People, Too. Here’s 100% Proof!

  1. MJ you done – done it again, ODed on Catnip is one of my old friends who used to annoy the moderators with me on USA Today — After I left here I saw her on Fb- I told her you were playing her song — She must have visited cause she’s got a new avatar–

  2. Kitties are cool because they kill rats. Also, I saw on your previous entries several conspiracy theories in the paranoia mode. Guess you can call the kettle black.

  3. Really, Sherlock… And you thought what happened at Sandy Hook was all ‘kosher’
    Some name, btw… Just what is “Zyklonne?”
    There was no holocaust, you moonbat, because there was no Hitler.
    You’re looking a little delusional to me..

    You have a low IQ, too.
    What a pathetic excuse for a white person. A real disgrace.

  4. Zyklonne is just a name for a band I really liked called Zyklon from Norway. Nothing to do with Nazism. The band is actually a lot about the end of days and environmental catastrophe. Their first album kills man, you should check it out. Awesome!

    Smartest guy who ever set foot in this dumb blog btw. You’re just lucky I graced you with my presence.

  5. Cats teach me so much how to act before God. And yes a cat can be trained like a dog. Only difference is dog always redponds to the command but the cat thinks about the command and responds if he feels like doing so. So independent. Even their legs are uniquely independent. One should love and respect God at least as much as a cat loves and respects a human.

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