Message To Readers About Some Links We Post

We are not responsible for other people/s opinions.  Recently, we linked up a few websites that are not Israel-friendly.  Some don’t even like Jewish people at all.   So, you will have to discern these links for yourselves.

If we believe a story is on the money, or correct, we will link it, you will have to decide if the article we link is the truth.   We try to not link directly, but sometimes, this can’t be avoided.

We can’t help if people don’t like Jews or Christians, etc.  We are just linking stories.  You will have to let it go and take what pertains.  Sift through it and draw your own conclusions.

We do not believe the “Mossad” or Zionists  carry out the crimes people accuse them/us of.  That is preposterous. We also believe that the Jews for Obama & the Jews in Obama’s administration are Bolshevik and Nazi, not Israel-friendly or Zionist by any stretch of the imagination.

-David Ben Moshe