SSDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre?!

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Curiouser & Curiouser….. I am really ashamed of ‘conservatives’ that have not had the guts to look into this, pretending that all of this information is some hoax… Even more ashamed that you have labeled REAL Americans (like the left does) that ARE looking into this as ‘conspiracy wackos’)  The only conspiracy, is the conspiracy to take our GUNS which is happening in NY, now.

What if this has all been a false flag dupe?  Do not Ms. Lanza and Adam Lanza deserve to lay at rest?

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9 thoughts on “SSDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre?!

  1. I was thanking about the guy / guys running through the woods . I wonder if they where checked for gun shoot residue before they where let go .
    That could be important evidence .

  2. You expect the same idiot cops that destroyed evidence by handling the shotgun in the trunk of the car with bare hands , to actually take the time or the grey matter , to check for gunpowder residue on a guy they released and later said was just a parent of one of the children from Sandy Hook?

    You have too much faith in these people……

  3. This is getting creepier by the minute. Now with Heer Obama has been sworn in, the whole story will just be swept under the carpet, just like Fast and Furious and Benghazi.,

  4. I hear you.
    I personally do not look to any governing officials for anything.
    What for?
    Turncoats and jakobites

  5. If i was to guess as to how the officials / ” conspiracy theory debuggers ” are going to respond to this it will probably go something like … well we made a mistake and actually it was his mom that died the night before and we just made a mistake , sorry happens some off the time and we have all been under slot of stress so please give us a break .

  6. Too MANY q’s.

    We have never been into ‘conspiracy’ here. The only ‘conspiracy’, in my opinion is the conspiracy to take our guns.

  7. This is important evidence! It’s proof Lanza was NOT the shooter!! This fact, combined with the fact that there were men who ran into the woods and captured that day, which is now being suppressed, is proof the American People were lied to about what exactly happened!

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