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This is the kind of sh*t that wakes you up in the morning, wishing you could just go back to sleep.  I cant stand the stupidity.  I am sick with what this country has turned out to be; a FREAK show.  This picture below… Minaj looks like an unripe banana or a baby olive tree with a wig.  

Someone please tell Minaj-a-Tuchus that she looks insane. She has a gigantic ass, too.  A real bubble-butt.  Why do black people try to look as white as they can?  Whatever happened to ‘black is beautiful?’

Scan0042She cant sing either.  Do these ‘stars’ realize that the whole world sees how idiotic they look?  Do they have NO shame?!

Look at this LESBO crap!

I CANT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!