Sandy Hook’s Laura Phelps Has Been On CNN’s “That Morning Show.” Did You Know This, Anderson Cooper?

My, my, my… Maybe CNN’s Anderson Cooper can explain this to us dumb sheep?  He was quick enough to call people ‘conspiracy theorists.’  What say you, now, Cooper?  Why didn’t you tell us there were actors/actresses (community thespians) who happened to be involved in Sandy Hook?? Why did you call us ‘conspiracy theorists?’ YOU are the one hiding this, Cooper.. The conspiracy is not being honest, like you said ‘keeping em honest.’   Pot. Kettle. Black, Anderson…..    

  People…I don’t deny that Sandy Hook ‘happened’.   I just don’t believe the ‘official’ story, anymore.  You shouldn’t either after seeing this.  I believe the ‘conspiracy’ is the conspiracy to take our arms.

About 1 minute 50 secs.  Don’t bother taking it down off Youtube, LEFTIST NAZIs- I have it downloaded.

“Expressing Motherhood” says that Phelps was one of their actresses. 

Picture of Phelps with her husband:


5 thoughts on “Sandy Hook’s Laura Phelps Has Been On CNN’s “That Morning Show.” Did You Know This, Anderson Cooper?

  1. If these women are examples of American motherhood, I’m not surprised that this country is sliding into the proverbial toilet. How utterly stupid they are. Perhaps they are the reason so many women are aborting their troublesome “tissue blobs?” Laura Phelps fits right in at the very strange city of Newtown, doesn’t she?

  2. More major problems with
    the Sandy Hook story.

    What do you know about
    Nancy Lanza?

    1. She was a “prepper”

    2. She owned a legally
    registered AR-15

    3. She taught her son
    Adam how to shoot.


    When did you “learn”
    these things?

    Very early on, right?

    What was the source of
    this “information?”

    Vague and from
    “anonymous sources.”

    Here are some facts:

    1. The Wall Street Journal
    sent a reporter to visit
    all the gun ranges in the
    area to find where Nancy
    and Adam Lanza went


    No gun range within
    a 50 mile radius ever
    saw them.

    2. Connecticut has
    some of the the strictest
    gun laws in the nation.

    So-called “assault rifles”
    were already banned in the
    state before this tragedy.

    Thus, if Nancy Lanza did
    own this gun, she did not
    own it legally.

    3. Nanzy Lanza was a


    Who says so?

    Where’s the evidence?

    From an “unnamed source”
    very soon after the crime
    occurred – with no follow
    up evidence.

    We still don’t know what
    Lanza’s profession was,
    where she went to school,
    anything about her career,
    who her parents and/or siblings
    were etc…

    But we “know” a lot of things
    that turn out on examination
    not to be true – thanks to
    “anonymous” sources that had
    the means to get these “facts”
    into the news stream right away.

    If these “early facts” are false,
    what else is?

    A whole lot.

    Five videos worth – and that’s
    just scratching the surface.

    No conspiracies,

    Just logical questions that few
    have asked and no one has


  3. I just read that as it turns out semi auto defense / assault rifles are illegal in her part of the woods . Could it be she is exempt from the rules because of some loophole . Like maybe because her father is rumored to be the head of the police in some place , Nancy champion .

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