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Six months after Sandy hook?

(I have posted this under GoldBugGal, because she has been the one that is faithful to report this to you. If it were not for GoldBugGal, We all would not know this information)     This story gets curiouser and curiouser.  GoldBugGal has reported on this for us and asked many questions about what happened at Sandy Hook.  I personally- do not know what happened.  I know what the MSM reported. I also know they are in NAZI, gun-grabbing, Obama’s pocket…I know the videos I have seen that have shown events that have happened are un-explainable when one compares them to footage that truth-seeking people have uploaded.

I do, however say: this is treason.

What we can explain is there is a conspiracy.  The conspiracy is not the ‘conspiracy theory’. The real conspiracy, is the gun-grab, hours after Sandy Hook.

Laura Phelps is an actress: Here is the google/search link for the website called “Expressing Motherhood” where Laura Phelps performed. “Expressing Motherhood” posted “”How fragile we are”.  I didn’t directly link this website because these people should not be bothered.  But, what are the chances that Phelps is just an actress and happens to be one of the mothers of the ‘victims’ of Sandy Hook?  Come on, already.

Please read this at my friends website: More evidence that Sandy Hook parent Laura Phelps could be actress Jennifer Sexton?

What would Robbie Parker Say?