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I wonder how many lib-Jews at this university voted for the madman in the White House. I also wonder how the White Supremacists feel, knowing they have SO much in common with Bolshevik-“Jews”.  People who support Israel are not wanted or allowed at this university. Only Nazis and Bolsheviks may apply.  NO talk in positive tones about Israel.  Its been like this for YEARS at the universities in America.  

Basically, if you are with the Arabs who occupy Israel, you are a bully. G’head and knock your socks off dissing GODS land.. Israel has given up over 70% of its land because the American government forces them to give up ‘land for peace’.. They are the minority in the Muslim world.  You ask why we are cursed so bad with illegals all over America??Take a GOOD look at our love-fest for the “Palestinian” invader…THATS WHY. Karma’s a bitch, baby.

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”  Genesis 12:3

God does NOT Change.

Ya’all don’t have to worry, though.. You White Supremacists and Left Wing, Boshevik ‘Jews’ are in the bag together and Obama will lead your sorry asses into the ultimate destruction of America.  God is not mocked. He chooses what land is HIS land on earth.  Jew haters and Christian haters do not get to decide on this subject.. TOO BAD.

Hat tip: Loopy-Lou

 At about 2:30pm the rally leader said, “I just want everyone to know that there are Zionists filming everything we’re saying, and I think we should ask them to leave.” Several protesters demanded that the Jewish students leave the public building, loudly chanting “Leave our space” and “Shame on you” repeatedly, and accusing the Jewish students of “hate speech” because of their support for Israel.

Click to read the WHOLE story: Brownshirts in Action at UC Davis

YOU deal with what Israel deals with on a DAILY basis and then have to listen to a world that says, DONT FIRE BACK, ISRAEL!!! AND, if they DO fire back, the whole world cries and bitches for the Jihadist Hamas like the SICKO, demented, twits they are.