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This is an interview, below with Bill Wilson, President of “Americans for limited government”.  Here is the deal: All throughout history, there have been this mass of people.  These people are satan’s kids.  They call themselves “liberals.”  Meanwhile, there is nothing ‘liberal’ about the ‘liberals.’  People that really ARE liberal are givers, not takers.  A free spirited person will resist tyranny and control.

Wilson: Because they fear the American people and they want to disarm the American public.

Robles: Why do they fear the American people?

Wilson: Because I don’t think they believe the American people will fall for the collectivist totalitarian crap that they’re spreading.

Robles: Are you saying that the government is afraid of an uprising or something like that?

Wilson: I think the government is afraid of an armed populace. I think that is the key of it, yeah. That was the purpose to the Second Amendment. That individuals, an armed citizenry could defend its freedom from those that would take it away. That was what the founders wrote.

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