CNN: Obama’s US Army Has Stopped Serving Breakfast To Our Soldiers In Afghanistan? Due To Logistics?

It is ‘rumored’ that this is a rumor.  However, CNN reported this: CNN: Army- Hot breakfasts in Afghanistan cut due to logistics, not budget Hat Tip, QV.   Some Vet/combat men are saying that the soldiers have grown vaginas.  BUT-Isn’t it hot in Afghanistan? Don’t men need to eat?  Why not cut back food-stamps here at home? Obama-phones?  Why not cut social workers?  Hmm?  What do they do? Nothing but indoctrinate idiots to collect more money and food from the US taxpayer.

So, why would Obama cut the soldiers off from breakfast?  Didn’t the bastard have a 3,000 calorie dinner at his majesty’s coronation?  Why cut them off from food? Especially in the morning? He will have to feed these WHITE soldiers. He is just going to send them to WW3 in our name.  What a sonofab*tch.

As originally reported on the congressional website of Republican Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa (IA-01), the U.S. Army has stopped serving breakfast to American troops serving on 17 bases in Afghanistan.  The measure, which will be extended further beginning this weekend, is one of the earliest stages in the U.S. military pull-out from Afghanistan.

14 thoughts on “CNN: Obama’s US Army Has Stopped Serving Breakfast To Our Soldiers In Afghanistan? Due To Logistics?

  1. You think the average Amerikaner parasite (entitlement trash) cares? They elected a community organizer . And a Nigger, too! What better way than to slaughter Whites? And reduce the number returning home to join the revolt.

    It is still winter in Afghanistan. Winters with freezing winds. The snows will melt, maybe, end Feb/next month.

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  3. Instead of cutting the soldiers’ food, Obozo needs to cut HIS and his wife’s expenses! On a side note and much to Goodluck ‘JELLYFISH’ Jonathan’s disgrace, It has been exposed that GEJ sent Nigerian soldiers to Mali on the ‘orders’ of B.O wrapped up in the ‘advice’ of ‘ You’ll cut off Boko Haram’s gun supply when you do that’. Another example of leading from behind!

  4. YES!! France and AmeriKa are involved in this MALI mess!
    They will get their ass slaughtered.

  5. The Ugly fact: The war is with China. Africa the battleground. Africans the victims. So long as the BARBARIANS & PARASITES of the West get their evil, filthy hands on the loot.

  6. FUKUS is BANKRUPT, BANKRUPT, BANKRUPT. And so must invade, Murder and Plunder sovereign nations for their wealth. So its PARASITE citizenry can get crumbs called Social Welfare/Entitlement.

    The other reason is: Target China. China INVESTS. The PARASITES of the West disagree. 500 years of Invade, Murder, Plunder is the only way they know. For the West are BARBARIANS. And PARASITES. Both Leaders and citizenry.

  7. When convenient, blame Boko Haram. Like blame OBL, made in America and Britain.

    If Nigeria is a Failed State, point all fingers at Evil Britain. The unrelenting British-coordinated campaign to turn Nigeria into a failed state continued Jan. 20 evening in a series of deadly bombing attacks and gunmen shooting in the streets targeting security buildings in the major religious and political city of Kano, Nigeria’s second-largest city, located in the predominantly Muslim northern part of the country. Then blame it on Boko Haram.

  8. I would like to feed the Muslim in the White House ground up white milk glass. BY the size of mooch’s rear end, she should be skipping breakfast every day and then some. I loathe this administration and we have slid into very dark times.

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