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Well, Karma’s a bitch, aint it?

 In 2010, my husband and I joined the Tea-party.  We offered my husband’s speaking & writing skills.  I offered my speaking skills, charisma and singing voice.  When we told them we would like to sing “Dixie”, because we have a lot of people from the south who live up here in N. AZ, they tossed us aside.  Over a song.   I never knew that “Dixie” was a bad song.  I’ve never thought there was anything wrong with “Dixie”.   But, the Tea-party, more worried over some song, and being called racists-rejected us.  (Who really cares about a song, we have totally lost our country.. So, like Hillary said, ‘what difference does it make?’)  They lost 2 people that are seriously worried about this nation;  My husband and myself are no-nonsense Americans.  When they did this to us, we felt that they probably did this to many like Ron Paul people, Lyndon La Rouche folks, Alex Jones’ers, Jon Birchers, etc…  Who the hell are they to kick out Americans who have been fighting this insanity LONG before many of them even came into the picture?  So, you do not agree with some of these people/s ideas.  And????? So?????

Then, in late 2010, the Tea-Party rejected Pastor Manning, a wonderful, god fearing black pastor from Harlem who calls Obama every name in the book.  They didn’t like that he called Obama the holy grail “N” word.  They told him “NOT WELCOME!”  So, he was very upset as well.  He said that the Tea-party was finished.  I believe that.  The “T.E.A.” was deathly afraid of the ‘birther’ issue (which is the ONLY issue that could have gotten Obama tried for treason), yet, they didn’t like that ‘birther’ label.. Whatever.  Shows it was really NOT a serious movement.  

REAL patriotic people don’t give a rats ass if we’re called; racists, birthers, homophobes, xenophobes, conspiracy wackos, etc.  We know what is right and what is wrong with the country.  Many tea-partiers only joined the movement in 2009 just because Obama was elected and thought we had no problems with Bush, Clinton and Bush 41.. Fact is, this nation, (as long as I can remember) has been a mess & the true tea party actually started in late 2006, anyway..  These “T.E.A.” also know nothing about fighting leftists because they have cowered TO the left-wing Marxists.  They went to these protests with 1776 costumes.. Ridiculousness.  These are serious times.  This filth in the W.H. wants our guns for crying out loud.  


What comes around goes around.  Now, maybe you ‘Tea-partiers’ will get what it feels to be tossed aside, which is what you did to REAL patriotic Americans who have been in this fight-as I have-for decades..  And, you better straighten out because if we see that residue of leftist nonsense in you, we also, will toss you aside.   I’m sick of Communism (Political correctness)  And so is everyone I know.  Time to grow up.  Our country is finished and its time for war.  We don’t want your damned amnesty or stupid, illegal-firster, Marco Rubio. We don’t want your half-truths.   And, last but not least; The Republican party SUCKS. They are TRAITORS and its time you weak punks saw that and start pushing for the Constitution party that will be prepared to meet the destruction that is coming. It is PAST TIME to unite and fight. 

Now, a nice song for my Southern patriot friends, the only ones who even truly act patriotic and right: