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I, Lurch promise to undermine America and bring the republic down forever, Praise satan.

Computer Smash

Every country and nation knows that John Kerry is a treacherous animal.  The leftist-NAZIs are happy to see this day, fallen is America.. This is an extremely  exuberant hour for leftist filth. They have waited to see our destruction with infinite delight..They lick their chops as we go down to the pit…  This afternoon, the liberals have achieved a Marxist paradise.. W H A T E V E R.

I long to see the day that Ha’Shem destroys W.D.C., as John Kerry sits there.  I so wish I was on Fox news, it would be a never-ending dump-fest on leftists, 24/7.. 

Have you all taken a good look at some of these hideous people that are in power?  IS there ANY doubt that the devil is ugly, now? Kerry is a mix of Frankenstein and Lurch.