A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart MakesA Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes by TMJ  © 2013

To our dear MareZilla

(If you can, please help her out a little, it’s not much to help another. I will soon as well.)

ALL of us PRAY/Daven and WISH you to be better and strong.  We are believing that H’Shem will touch your body and make it whole again.  May the LORD strengthen you. May he chase this disease from your body. May the LORD wipe out this horrible thing.  All Jews and Christians here pray for your Refuah Shleimah  ~ ‘reh foo AH sheh leh mah‘. (Say it like this, everyone)  It means ‘complete recovery.’  And, please say a silent but LOUD prayer to Elohim!

Here, for you Mare:

The Mad Jewess
David Ben Moshe